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Hong Kong group including 42 gold medal athlete is the player who visited three gold? Fu Yuanhui will visit team from the Athens Olympic Games, the mainland Olympic gold medalist will go to Hongkong to communicate with the local youth. Chinese yesterday announced the Rio Olympic gold medal in the Olympic Games delegation visiting the list of the 42 gold medalists to all. It is worth mentioning that, Fu Yuanhui and Lin Dan, who did not get Subing add 3 gold medals or medals will travel together, badminton team head coach Li Yongbo did not appear in the list. Staff Lang Ping led the gold medal coaches from August 27th to 29, the mainland Rio Olympic gold delegation will visit Hongkong. According to the list released by the Chinese Olympic Committee, the delegation led by Liu Peng, director of the State Sports General Administration, including the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Sun Yang, and so on, and so on, the 42 gold medal athletes, such as, and so on, will go all the way to the Olympic Games, such as the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the Chinese team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and so on, and so on by the Chinese people’s Republic of China. The team will go to the. With the previous 3 Olympic Games in Hong Kong this year, the list includes 3 without medals or medals athletes are Fu Yuanhui (women’s 100 meters backstroke runner up), Lin Dan (badminton men’s singles fourth) and Su Bingtian (men’s 100 meter relay 4× fourth). "The girl" Fu Yuanhui in the Olympic Games on the red burst. The "Fu Yuanhui phenomenon" has also been Administration approval, after the Delegation concluded the conference, Liu Peng praised her, "Fu Yuanhui in the interview after the game, the kind of heartfelt excitement and joy is the best explanation to enjoy sports, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence in the Olympic spirit, is a kind of power and infection the most impressive sports." Although the two Olympic Games champion Lin Dan failed in Rio defending, but as one of the representatives of Chinese sports male athletes, "super Dan" has considerable influence in Hongkong, Macao and other places. Su Bingtian is the first in the 100 meter race in the world to run into 10 seconds of Asian players, the Rio also has a good performance. In addition to the 45 members of the delegation, there are 5 gold medal team leader or coach, including Zhou Jihong (diving team leader), Yu Jie (men’s weightlifting team coach), Liu Guoliang (table tennis team head coach) and Lang Ping (women’s volleyball coach). It is worth mentioning that, in the list of the coaching staff, and badminton team head coach Li Yongbo’s name, instead he went to Hongkong’s men’s doubles coach Zhang Jun. The popularity of 6000 tickets sold out 3 hours from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Olympic gold medal in mainland delegations will be invited to Hong Kong after the game, to communicate with the people of Hongkong. On Saturday, the mainland gold delegation will arrive in Hongkong, 29 PM departure to Macao exchange. According to the schedule, the morning of 28, the delegation will be divided into 3 groups to meet with the people of Hongkong to participate in the Olympic gold medal elite show style activities. The two group will go to the Elizabeth stadium and Vitoria park swimming pool, Malone, Ding Ning, Chen long, Lin Dan, Wu Minxia et al for table tennis, badminton and diving exhibition. Another group will go to the Ma’anshan stadium, and Hongkong youth exchange. 28 afternoon, the delegation will go to visit Elizabeth stadium to attend the "Olympic gold elite agreed you" variety show. As with the 3 visit, this year’s event again caused Hongkong public enthusiasm. On August 22nd.相关的主题文章:

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