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Henan intends to three years of investment of nearly 5000 million to build infrastructure built three Zhengzhou airport depot Zheng Xu high-speed EMU – standard fully equipped for reporter Liu Jianghao Wen Pingwei photography core tip | three years 60 major projects, investment of nearly 500 billion yuan. This set of flashing investment data is the "big head" infrastructure project that we have planned to complete in 2016-2018 years. The reporter learned from the traffic department that, in order to provide basic support for our province’s steady economic growth, our province has formulated the implementation plan of the three year action plan for the major transport projects in Henan province. The data | within three years in our province "open water" project investment of 496 billion 520 million yuan in the future three years, our province traffic will get a big round of investment, after this round of investment, will be a clear and perfect "road map": the basic completion of developed aviation network, railway network, efficient convenient highway network, basically completed in Zhengzhou modern integrated transport hub and logistics center, the formation of various modes of transportation are closely linked and high cohesion and complementary functions of modern comprehensive transportation system. According to the plan, the investment in our province has been from 2016-2018 years to 60 projects, including railways, highways, waterways, civil aviation and so on. The total investment of the project is about 496 billion 520 million yuan, and the 2016-2018 year plan has completed the investment of 255 billion 990 million yuan. Talk about the introduction of the program background, the provincial development and Reform Commission pointed out above, the action plan for major projects in the province issued a traffic infrastructure for three years, in order to play a prominent role in the transportation infrastructure in our province, to promote the steady growth of investment, adjust the structure of the." The railway | will timely start Yuntai Mountain intercity railway line in recent years, our province is the railway especially high-speed rail across development period. The project also included 18 projects, with a total investment of 285 billion 490 million yuan. Reporters found that in these projects, including Zhenggang Xu high-speed rail which has just opened to traffic, Zheng Wangao iron and Zhengzhou Hefei high-speed rail have been launched, including Zhengji high-speed rail and Zheng Taigao railway which will be started on the whole line, and Shang hang Hangzhou high-speed rail. Soon, our province will be planning to study Beijing Kowloon, Ningxi, transport three high – speed rail and other projects. Two freight railway, has also been included in the three year action plan, including the already started construction of the West Inner Mongolia to the central railway, the line is coal freight railway, via the province Sanmenxia and Nanyang. One more is the SANYO railway. Our province is divided into two paragraphs. The program pointed out that to promote the coordination of Bo Yu railway reconstruction project, construction of the Sanmenxia Yuzhou railway, to create "six vertical and four horizontal" trunk railway freight network. In September 19th, Cheng Kai City to extend the line has started construction, in the past three years, the inter city railway, the province will start the construction of Lankao to Heze, Zhengzhounan Railway Station to Dengfeng to Luoyang, Jiaozuo to Jiyuan to Luoyang City, and timely construction of the Yuntai Mountain branch, Xinxiang Jiaozuo intercity. During this period, we will speed up the construction of Xinzheng airport to Zhengzhounan Railway Station intercity railway, build Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, phase two, Zhengzhou South Fourth Ring Road to Zhengzhounan Railway Station suburban railway, and speed up the construction of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3, line 4 and line 5. Civil aviation | launched the three phase of the project preparatory work for the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport two Zhengzhou airport put into operation soon, the three also come. The plan points out that the initial work of the three phase of the Zhengzhou airport should be started at the right time. Was included in the civil aviation total of 11 projects, total investment amounted to 27 billion 690 million yuan, many of which are supporting projects such as Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Zhengzhou airport flight zone, South Reconstruction Project, Zhengzhou Airport T1, T2 in the corridor and overnight visitors in real engineering, Zhengzhou airport deicing Pingbei freight area expansion project, Zhengzhou airport project phase. The program pointed out that three years, our province will be built in Xinyang Minggang airport, and construction of the Shangqiu Anyang, Pingdingshan, Lushan Mountain airport. General airport, further improve the function of Shanghai general airport, complete the construction of 7 general airports, such as Xihua, Linzhou, Pingyu, Changyuan and Dengfeng, and strive to start the construction of Luoyang Longmen, Nanyang Xichuan and other general airports. The future, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport is still my province leading the development of civil aviation, it will open up the route, flight of encryption, and perfect navigation layout, strive to open Zhengzhou to Dubai, new Sydney, Losangeles and other international freight routes opened to Guangzhou, Shenzhen; Zhengzhou, Kunming, Urumqi, Xiamen City of the "air express", Zhengzhou to Chengdu Hangzhou, capital of the major tourist routes and coastal open city density. In order to speed up the two | highway main road guoshengdao upgrade "inline" is the future direction of the highway network construction in our province. So, the proposed scheme, our province will be opened in Ruicheng to Dengzhou to Lingbao, Henan Hubei provincial and inter provincial channel construction to Luanchuan to Xixia, Jiyuan in the west to Luoyang, Zhoukou to Zhumadian to Nanyang, and actively promote the inline project, Xuchang to Pingdingshan to Nanyang, Shangqiu to Lianhuo high-speed Henan and Anhui industry segment etc. expansion project. Moreover, upgrading and upgrading of the common national highway, the inter provincial broken ends, connecting the urban entrances and exits, the key sections of the urban clusters and the low-grade sections of the poor areas will also be carried out. The program pointed out that to speed up the upgrading of two main road guoshengdao, will be upgraded to some important sections of a highway, national and provincial trunk promote transit city center congestion section line, construction of G234 Jiaozuo to Xingyang, Guandu and other G107 across the the Yellow River ordinary highway bridge. The plan points out that our province will promote the conditional county road to the natural village, and support the transformation and construction of important county and township roads with resources, tourism and industrial roads. In the inland waterway, built in Shahe Luohe to Pingdingshan, Huaihe Huaibin to Xixian County shipping development project and the Shaying River in Zhoukou to the provincial boundary segment upgrade project, timely construction of Tanghe shipping development project. (Dahe newspaper)

河南拟三年投近5000亿建基础设施 三地将建机场  郑州动车段郑徐高铁标准动车组整装待发  □记者刘江浩文平伟摄影  核心提示|三年60个大项目,投资近5000亿元。这一组亮闪闪的投资数据,是我省2016-2018年要计划完成的“大个头”基础设施项目。记者从交通部门获悉,为给我省经济实现稳增长提供基础支撑,我省制定了《河南省交通基础设施重大工程建设三年行动计划实施方案》(简称方案)。  数据|三年内我省“铁公机水”项目投4965.2亿元  未来三年,我省交通将获得一轮大手笔投资,在这轮投资过后,将浮现出一幅清晰、完善的“交通图”:基本建成发达的航空网、高效的铁路网、便捷的公路网,基本建成郑州现代综合交通枢纽和国际物流中心,形成各种交通方式紧密联系、高效衔接、功能互补的现代综合交通运输体系。  根据方案,我省这轮投资,时间从2016-2018年,拟重点推进铁路、公路、水路、民航等项目60项,涉及项目总投资约4965.2亿元,2016-2018年计划完成投资2559.9亿元。  谈起此次方案出台背景,省发改委上述人士指出,“此次我省出台交通基础设施重大工程三年行动计划,目的是为更好地发挥交通基础设施在我省稳增长、促投资、调结构等方面的突出作用。”  铁路|将适时开工城际铁路云台山支线  最近几年,是我省铁路尤其是高铁跨越发展的时期。而此次方案中也列入了18个项目,总投资2854.9亿元。记者发现,在这些项目中,包括刚刚通车运营的郑徐高铁,已开工的郑万高铁、郑州至合肥高铁,也包括即将全线开工的郑济高铁和郑太高铁,还有商合杭高铁。很快,我省将规划研究京九、宁西、运三高铁等项目。  两条货运干线铁路,也被列入三年行动计划中,包括已经开工建设的蒙西至华中铁路,该线是煤炭货运重载铁路,途经我省三门峡和南阳。还有一条是三洋铁路。我省境内分两段建设。方案指出,要协调推进禹亳铁路改建工程,开工建设三门峡至禹州铁路,打造“四纵六横”货运干线铁路网。  9月19日,郑开城际延长线已经开工建设,在近三年时间内,城际铁路方面,我省还将开工建设兰考至菏泽、郑州南站至登封至洛阳、焦作至济源至洛阳城际,并将适时开工建设云台山支线、新乡至焦作城际。  这段时间内,还将加快建设新郑机场至郑州南站城际铁路,建成郑州地铁1号线二期、郑州南四环至郑州南站城郊铁路,加快郑州地铁3号线、4号线、5号线建设。  民航|启动郑州机场三期工程前期工作  郑州新郑国际机场二期投入运营不久,三期也随即而来了。方案指出,适时启动郑州机场三期工程前期工作。  被列入的民航项目共有11个,总投资金额达276.9亿元,其中不少是郑州新郑国际机场的配套项目,比如,郑州机场南飞行区改造工程、郑州机场T1、T2内连廊及旅客过夜用房工程、郑州机场除冰坪扩建工程、郑州机场北货运区一期工程等。  方案指出,三年时间内,我省将建成信阳明港机场,并开工建设商丘、安阳、平顶山鲁山机场。通用机场方面,进一步完善上街通用机场功能,完成西华、林州、平舆、长垣、登封等7个通用机场建设,争取开工建设洛阳龙门、南阳淅川等通用机场。  未来,郑州新郑国际机场仍是我省民航发展的龙头,它将开辟航线、加密航班,完善通航点布局,力争新开通郑州至迪拜、悉尼、洛杉矶等国际客货运航线;开通郑州至广州、深圳、昆明、乌鲁木齐、厦门等城市的“空中快线”,提高郑州至成都、杭州等省会、重点旅游和沿海开放城市的航线密度。  公路|加快以二级公路为主的国省道升级改造  “内联外通”是未来我省高速公路网建设的方向。所以,方案提出,我省将打通芮城至灵宝、邓州至豫鄂省界等跨省通道,开工建设尧山至栾川至西峡、济源至洛阳西、周口至驻马店至南阳等内联项目,并积极推进许昌至平顶山至南阳、连霍高速商丘至豫皖界段等改扩建工程。  不仅如此,对于普通国道省际断头路段、连接城市出入口、城市组团关键路段和贫困地区低等级路段,也将进行升级改造。方案指出,加快以二级公路为主的国省道升级改造,将部分重要路段升级为一级公路,推动过境中心城区的国省干线拥挤段进行改线,开工建设G234焦作至荥阳、G107官渡等跨黄河普通公路大桥。  方案指出,我省将推动有条件的县农村公路向自然村延伸,支持具有资源路、旅游路、产业路性质的重要县乡公路改造建设。在内河水运方面,建成沙河漯河至平顶山段、淮河淮滨至息县段航运开发工程和沙颍河周口至省界段升级改造工程,适时开工建设唐河等航运开发工程。(大河报)相关的主题文章:

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