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The Height Increase Specialty is the one-stop central that specializes in providing all height increase related resources and information.

Can I grow taller after puberty?
Yes. You can grow taller well past puberty age, the height increase would not be as significant as during the puberty age but a realistic gain of 1 to 3 inches is very possible.

So how can I grow taller?
There are many schools of technique that have developed by the height increase community. Althought most of them are not scientifically accepted, they have shown positive gain for a relatively large pool of people. The methods involve exercises that focus on lengthening the spinal column or the knee cartilages; hgh enhancement and others.

Learn more about different height increase methods:
· Height Increase Exercises
· Herbal HGH Releasers
· Bone Enhancing Supplement
· Yoga
· Pilates
· Alexander Technique
· Self Hypnosis


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