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He was released from prison after the plan: what dry jioubu lust appeal injustice trick: "who used to stage a comeback after prison appeal grievances to recruit the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Ping jioubu stage a comeback at the age of 76 Chinese before the" richest man "who used out. On the morning of September 27th, a woman named Xia Zongwei drove him to the door of the prison in Hubei, Hongshan. Xia Zongwei also has three identities: Group Chairman, former Secretary General of South Mu Mu in the only designated after the litigation agent, there is his ex-wife’s sister. Xia Zongwei said, the moment on the morning of 27 around 7 points out of prison, he looked calm. He was released from prison while avoided the media, but less than half a day, he was wearing a short sleeved plaid, holding flowers pictures spread throughout the network. "The old say, has been able to eat?" People remember the "madman" have to ask. Can change planes, satellites, engage in the development of Manchuria Chinese as the first generation of private entrepreneurs, while shouldering the "richest man" and "the first lie" name who used, after three to 23 years in prison. What do we think? Release from prison to where? Xia Zongwei relayed that there are mainly three things: the "grievances", business thinking theory, start the experiment of South devon". 1 from the top to the prisoner Mou after his release, Xia Zongwei in the media platform, issued a statement, statement of who used the post release plan, do some revealed. "I am worried about social rumors were flying, there is a unified view to make a statement." Xia Zongwei told Yangcheng Evening News reporter. Chinese as the first generation of private entrepreneurs, who used the character very controversial, it is often dubbed the "madman" in the name of the public. In 1980, he resigned from office, borrowing 300 yuan founded after the reform and opening up the first private joint-stock enterprises – German shops, and thus started. He ran a rattan chair, Wanxian Shanghai "35" brand in Tianjin, South Korea, clock jellyfish refrigerator. In 90s, he made a lot of business ideas. Among them, the most familiar to the outside world, has been regarded as a commercial miracle of the three things: canned aircraft, launch satellites, trying to develop Manchuria. These actions are accompanied by a huge controversy at the time, and who used the business is bigger and bigger, also set up a hand to his "neg". In February 1995, "Forbes" will be included in the 1994, global rich Chinese billboard, mainland rich fourth. At that time, the personal wealth of more than 2 billion yuan. But the "letter of credit fraud", let the South Group and he suffered a setback. In 1993, Mu Qizhong neg rate in cooperation with Russia, the successful launch of the "heading" direct broadcast satellite television. Since 1994, neg began manufacturing course series of satellites. In 1995, countries tighten economic policy, to carry out the satellite service, requires a lot of capital Nande group, is undoubtedly a huge blow. At this time, a man named He Jun to provide funds to the south, heading three satellite launch in time. However, the money provided by He Jun but who used and neg dragged to the abyss. In 1996, the public security organs in light of Hubei相关的主题文章:

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