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He accompanied Vivian Hsu walkers imitating mom action super cute – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, according to Taiwan "China times news, Vivian Hsu since married, upgrade the mother from the iron and steel iron and steel V, her 41 year old son Dalton, not only to take care of themselves, but also to return to the campus reading school of communication in general at the same time, busy for the September launch of the new book will do a final check work, performing the work is constantly looking for the door, is really too busy to even their time squeeze out, but fortunately a busy life, the son of Vivian Hsu pistachio, this morning posted by the family photos, imitate their movement the son made happy. Vivian hard work is rewarding, 13 this month, Dalton has been a year old, man towards the road of independence and a step forward this morning, Vivian Hsu issued a sigh: "what time does not blink, I held him, he accompanied me recently is sports movement, will stand to imitate my actions". With the birth of premature mother fans, said Vivian Hsu Dalton will keep fat in vain, gave her confidence, some people care about the goddess at 5 in the morning papers, whether all night? Did Vivian Hsu respond to their "insomnia", family, school, three may cause a head to burn, let the goddess head can’t stop, can only work a solution, and a good rest.相关的主题文章:

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