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Harbin Lianzhuang three cars and trucks two car driver signal was taken to hospital seriously damaged vehicles accident truck was towed by 28 news (reporter Shi Tianyi Zhang Cheng Gang) today at 0:30 in the morning, in the Yellow River road and the junction of Harbin Hongqi Street, Nangang District, three vehicles waiting for the signal to the car by a large truck suddenly hit among them, 2 drivers injured were sent to hospital for examination. According to witnesses, brother Wang Yucheng, it was about 0:30, a Volkswagen MAGOTAN car parked in the Yellow River road Hongqi Street direction left turn lane, a white volkswagen golf car and a taxi parked in the two row straight lane, three cars at the red light. Suddenly a big truck coming from the rear, the first is the taxi and golf car collision, golf car and hit the left Volkswagen MAGOTAN sedan, truck out of nearly 30 meters before it stopped. After the accident, the taxi and golf car driver was slightly injured was taken to hospital for treatment. The accident occurred in the middle of a large truck parked in the middle of the road, severely damaged the front. A taxi across the road, after the right side of the body and tail of the serious sag deformation, deformation of the left front tire. In the vicinity of a large truck rear left rear parking line, reverse parked knocked on the white volkswagen golf car, vehicle tail has been knocked into the rear seat, the front bumper is damaged, the whole car airbag pops. In the left turn lane parking line of parked Volkswagen MAGOTAN sedan on the right side of the vehicle body is in serious depression. 2 or so, the vehicle was towed away by the traffic police department, the current large truck driver has been taken away by the traffic police department investigation, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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