Han Note7 explosion door fermentation Samsung electronics brand performance hit-crycry

Han Note7 "explosion door" fermentation performance of Samsung electronics brand hit – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, according to South Korean media reports, recently, triggered by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics launched Galaxy Note7 "battery incident" has entered the third stage. Users at home and abroad on the Note7 battery explosion claims with the September 2nd Samsung announced the recall was gradually subsided, but recently the United States government urged consumers to stop using Galaxy Note7 and Samsung to advocate in the teeth of the storm. The event against Samsung’s performance and brand combat far greater than imagined. Reported that September 8th is a watershed in the transformation of the situation. The same day in the United States, may be caused by the "Galaxy Note7" in the charging process of fire and two fires, burned a house and a car. Although the fire really is yet to be detailed caused by Note7, but the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is strongly recommended that passengers "turn off Note7 power in the aircraft, do not use or charge". The second day of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and formally called for consumers to stop using Note7 and turn off the power". The development of events in the world. 9, Japan’s Ministry of land and transportation and the European aviation safety authority and the Ministry of transport, Canada also proposed to stop using. Finally, in September 10th, Samsung told consumers around the world (before the replacement of new products) please stop using Note7 and turn off the power". South Korea’s Ministry of land and transportation on the same day also called for the aircraft do not use Note7, do not put it in the checked luggage". Samsung recommends the use of mobile phones to stop because of the replacement of new products will take some time. South Korea will be 19, Australia may be replaced after the new product in 21. The United States due to insufficient quantity, the replacement time has not been determined. South Korean Academy of consumer responsibility researcher Xu Zhengxuan (sound) said: "the recall is to replace the defective products, and before replacement, such defects may still exist", and said, "this is the reason that stop using the products before replacement". But the information technology (IT) industry is also some people doubt that the United States called for the use of Samsung Galaxy Note7 to stop the intention of trade protectionism. It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the first proposal to do not use a particular brand of intelligent machines. A professor of two Seoul University battery experts think, "because the lithium ion batteries have the danger of explosion, the usual Aviation Administration also has" not be placed in checked luggage "warning", and pointed out that "deliberately mention Galaxy Note7, suspicious intentions". It is reported that Samsung Electronics due to this event is expected to bear greater tangible and intangible losses. And the true scale of losses to the fourth quarter of next year and need to see the outcome. This means that the incident to the sales of Galaxy Note7 as well as the future direction of the Galaxy brand to bring much loss also need to continue to focus on..相关的主题文章:

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