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Han Lim Chang-Jung contacts circle the girlfriend man was divorced with 3 baby Lim Chang-Jung contacts circle the girlfriend Sina entertainment news South Korean singer Lim Chang-Jung broke the news today is the new album title song MV heroine Association, shortly after Lim Chang-Jung also confirmed the news through the agency. Broke the news media said, Lim Chang-Jung’s new girlfriend is a beautiful yoga coach, Lim Chang-Jung’s new album hit the song, I broke the love of the heroine is just a new girlfriend of the new girlfriend, the new album, the new album is a new girlfriend. Lim Chang-Jung shortly after the scandal to respond, said he and his girlfriend had been dating for several months, MV photos are also in the two dating. Lim Chang-Jung debut in the movie "Southern Army" in 1990, as an actor and singer has made remarkable achievements, 6 this month, he released thirteenth album "I" M ", to" hit song "love I’ve had swept the major website ranking champion. In March 19, 2006, Lim Chang-Jung and golfer Kim Hyun Joo in South Korea Seoul knot, married with three sons, in 2013 two people divorce. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章:

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