Guangzhou mortgage discount preferential mortgage loans did not fall to a new low innawoods

Guangzhou has tightened mortgage preferential mortgage lending fell to a new low [Abstract] prices rise, also recently reported that Guangzhou some bank interest rate discount has been tightened, some customers in order to apply a lower discount. Bank: Guangzhou prices more rational, to make personal loans to raise prices, there are Hefei, Nanjing, Wuhan and other cities have tightened mortgage policy, increase the proportion of individual housing loans down payment. Recently, there are reports that some banks in Guangzhou interest rate discount has been tightened, some quality customers can apply to a lower discount. Express reporter yesterday to verify a number of banks and mortgage companies, both said, and did not see signs of tightening Guangzhou mortgage. There are banks, but said that Guangzhou price regulation was rational, to increase the strength to do personal loans. However, the trend for the mortgage market, the agency said that at the end of the Bank of Guangzhou to tighten the mortgage will become a probability event. – the new express reporter Li Hua "tightening" is just promotions recently, rumors about the mortgage four, displayed in a picture of WeChat thermal circle of friends, "the end of a huge loss of bank deposits, the loan amount is highly tight lead, most banks have announced in November to suspend lending, the bank will also be able to loan in the near future to raise the access threshold." Even the media said, some of the bank interest rate discount has been tightened, some quality customers can apply to a lower discount." Guangzhou mortgage interest rate concessions are signs of tightening? New express reporter yesterday to verify the bank. "This is just a medium of promotion." A bank staff told reporters, there is no sign of tightening". It said that the degree of bank loans is related to the size of the loan and, if the size of the credit is limited, concessions will be tightened, but for the time being is not the case. A good mortgage companies stakeholders also told reporters: "no other signs of Guangzhou city because of the credit limit and a tightening of mortgage." The bank also told reporters that the bank has to increase efforts to put the Guangzhou mortgage, because Guangzhou is the purchase of the city, housing prices more rational, with the "release the two child policy brought the wards demand, banks are optimistic about the property market in Guangzhou. On the threshold of the problem, he said, unless the applicant’s credit record is defective, otherwise the bank’s first mortgage interest rate is 15% off discount. Mortgage lending fell to a new low of 360 financial analysts also said that Guangzhou did not appear the tightening of mortgage or mortgage interest rates higher, on the contrary, Guangzhou this month the first mortgage average interest rate fell to a record low, reaching 4.02%, equivalent to the implementation of interest rate 18% off. In 23 banks 360 financial monitoring, 18 banks can give 15% off interest rate concessions, become the main trend of the market; the biggest discount is HSBC, the first suite loan interest rate highest can enjoy 20 percent off discount. It also shows that in the background of the hot property market, the mortgage business has gradually become the banks in the eyes of the meat and potatoes". 360 is expected to melt, the national mortgage interest rates will remain stable, the bottom of the obvious shape. Bank gold research center senior researcher Xia Dan said.相关的主题文章:

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