Guangzhou is now the hapless driver 5 tiles were at 30 thousand (video) ca1835

Guangzhou is now the hapless driver: 5 tiles were 30 thousand for Guangzhou and the hapless driver: 5 tiles were offered 30 thousand recently in Guangzhou Baiyun District with high truck scraping touch village house accident, who knows about inappropriate to talk about compensation, truck was forcibly detained by villagers, they open the price of money is not to go. Master Liu yesterday morning to delivery van Yagang village in Guangzhou Baiyun District, who knows accidentally, heightening the container top brush against a 5 storey residential house. The landlord was not at home, only half an hour later, and then contacted the security team to come, after the security team came to force the driver’s key and driving license together to snatch away. Because the container is super high, the traffic police sentenced Liu master to take full responsibility. By scraping the corner there are 5 piece of tile area is damaged, exposed wall ash and cement. Master Liu wanted to direct danger, who knows the landlord said suddenly, a price of thirty thousand. The two sides talked about something wrong, so the landlord, they will Liu master’s truck detained, I do not know where to go. The owner Mr. Deng said, in fact, a year ago, the same place have also been scratching, but because of the village, and he said scratching is not very powerful, so don’t let them lose money, just to stick tiles even, but he believes that this collision is more serious, and he find the construction team, said twenty thousand or thirty thousand to fix, so in the other site also did not lose money situation, will the other vehicle seized up. But Mr. Deng refused to reveal who he was looking for and what the agency did. Deng Sheng said that fear of damage to the housing structure, so never lose money before, absolutely will not return the truck. The head of the company said that they would be willing to pay for it, but they should pass the legal and reasonable way. At present, although they have repeatedly alarm, but their truck still unknown. [related: severing a branch was claim 300 thousand] in July 15th, Wu Xi Cun truck driver Mr. Wu via Guangzhou Baiyun District, carelessly, 149 year old ancient banyan "branches" severing the village, the villagers locked his car, claim the beginning claims 100 thousand yuan, and later issued a piece of paper, the claim amount becomes 300 thousand yuan, but also stamped the "Guangzhou Baiyun District Zhongluotan Wu Xi Cun" elderly association "" chapter, claims 300 thousand yuan. Mr. Wu said that this amount can not be accepted. Landscape Department said that there is no relevant standards for the identification of ancient trees, the final amount still needs consultation between the two sides. Urumqi village has an old man said, this tree is Feng Shui tree, we all love.

广州又现倒霉司机:5块瓷砖被开价3万 广州又现倒霉司机:5块瓷砖被开价3万 最近在广州白云区发生一起超高货车刮碰村屋的事故,谁知道谈赔偿谈不妥,货车就被村民强行扣押,不按他们开的价格赔钱就不给走。刘师傅前日上午开货车到广州白云区鸦岗村送货,谁知一不小心,加高的货柜顶就擦碰到一栋5层民居的屋角。房东当时不在家,半个小时后才来,后来联系了治安队过来,治安队来了之后就强行把司机的钥匙和行驶证一起抢走。由于货柜超高,交警判刘师傅负全责。而被刮碰的屋角共有5块瓷砖的区域有破损,露出墙灰和水泥。刘师傅当时想直接出险,谁知房东突然说,一口价,三万。双方谈不妥,于是房东他们就将刘师傅的货车扣留,不知开到哪儿去了。屋主邓先生表示,其实在一年之前,同一个地方也发生过刮碰,但由于是本村人,而且他说刮碰得也不是很厉害,所以并没让对方赔钱,只是重新贴好瓷砖就算了,但他认为这次碰撞的比较严重,而且他自己找了施工队来看,说要两三万才能搞定,所以在对方现场还没赔钱的情况下,就将对方的车辆扣押了起来。但邓先生拒绝透露他是找什么人什么机构做的鉴定。邓生说担心房屋结构受损,所以未赔钱前,绝对不会归还货车。刘师傅公司的负责人说,他们愿意赔偿,但就应该通过合法合理的途经。目前,尽管他们已经多次报警,但他们的货车依然不知所踪。【相关报道:撞断一根树枝被索赔30万】7月15日,货车司机吴先生路经广州白云区乌溪村时,不慎把村里149岁古榕树的“一根枝干”撞断,村民们锁了他的车,提出索赔要求,刚开始索赔10万元,后来又出具了一张纸条,索赔金额变成了30万元,还加盖了“广州市白云区钟落潭镇乌溪村‘老人协会’”的章,索赔30万元。对此金额吴先生称无法接受。园林部门表示,目前还没古树价值认定的相关标准,金额最终仍需双方协商。乌溪村有老人则表示,这棵树是风水树,大家都很爱护的。相关的主题文章:

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