Guangzhou daily criticized Wu Lei is too late to consider the use of Gao Lin, with a view to the use-happynewyear

Guangzhou Daily: Criticism of Wu Lei was too late for Gao Hongbo to consider with Gao Lin Gaolin Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Zhe 12 before the two have in Beijing yesterday morning all over. In the A group in the foot, after two rounds of sitting on the top spot is not South Korea or Iran, but the Uzbekistan team. Two war took only 1 minutes of the national foot temporarily ranked in the fourth place. Through the first two rounds of the contest, the top 12 teams have experienced the main road away baptism, the overall strength has been basically demonstrated. National foot in the 12 games in the end how to position? The future of the development of what kind of strategy is more reasonable? The 6 home court teams without a win group A round two draws, in addition to the Orangemen home court draw with Iran team, the South Korean team is the Syria team away draw is considered improbable. In fact, Syria’s "home court" has been dragged to the round of 12 before the start of the AFC, let them take the first home court in Malaysia Furong, but then the home court is still uncertain. Although the South Korean team arrived two days earlier but Furong, never before on this site to prepare, so although the siege of the potential formation of the Syria team in the game, but is unable to break the opponent’s door, we can only accept 0 more than 0 results. The game of Zhang Xianxiu and Kim two super foreign aid partner centerback, more stable than the first line of defense, but because the sun Xingmin left in the Premier League, so the South Korean team is no way on the offensive end. After two rounds, which shows the strength of the South Korean team now is not enough to "crush" with any opponent. After the first round defeat in Qatar, the home court originally from Uzbekistan to the team who grab 3 points, but Wudui played for Beijing Guoan defender Kerry Metz was in the eighty-fifth minute header lore, Uzbekistan team won two straight lead A group, and Qatar team suffered two straight after the bottom group. B group, the Japanese team round away to 2 to 0 beat Thailand, returned to normal levels. The Australian team is on the road with veteran Cahill lore, 1 to 0 victory over the team of the United Arab emirates. Iraq’s home is located in the neutral venue of the Malaysia, the current round of them against Saudi arabia. In the game, the Iraqi team was 1 to 0 lead, but the Saudi team in the last 10 minutes with a penalty kick to win the reversal. The group is currently the Australian team and Saudi Arabia have made two winning streak, the first group of the separation team, the Japanese team can only be ranked in the third place in the top two. The country foot battle group third more reality in this year’s 12 foot race team and the last World Cup when the 10 strong Asian game is very close to the Iran team, the South Korean team, the Uzbekistan team and Qatar team all four teams in the same group, just China team and the Syria team to replace the Lebanese team. The last round of 10, Iran and South Korea were 16 points and 14 points to qualify, the Uzbekistan team also got 14 points, because the goal difference less than South Korea 1 group third. The top 12 series and 10 finals 2 more games, the comprehensive two World Cup Asian zone 10 finals, the team before the two qualifying teams per game scores.相关的主题文章:

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