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Google’s new Allo chat application was fun, but I’m afraid it will be the next "from" the Sohu recently once again that Twitter technology will be acquired in the news, Google is still in the "rumors of potential buyers". My colleague Fan Junjie commented in the circle of friends, I feel Google in this matter on the social aspect of the Alibaba style." In addition to investment and acquisitions, and Alibaba, Google himself also tried a lot of social products. TheVerge recently ridicule, Google message class application strategy is simply "try everything". Google recently released a series of two chat applications, one is similar to the Facetime video chat application Duo, one is even if the communication application Allo. These two applications are based on the mobile terminal, strive for simplicity, registration and launch chat, they even abandoned the Google account, directly to the phone number as the only condition. However, Allo has received a lot of attention, because it integrates the depth of learning based on the AI system Google Assistant, robot assistant can help you book a restaurant, search, provide automatic reply suggestions. Try a few days later, my feeling is that Allo is a good chat application, but at the same time, it also faces two aspects: one is the competition of WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE of these millions of users have mature chat application; two is Siri, such as Cortana intelligent voice assistant. In these two dimensions, Allo are not good enough to prompt users to migrate from the usual chat software. So, I’m a little worried, Allo may be like Alibaba dealings, or Google own Google+, as another case with a golden spoon died. The design of Allo Allo is simple to the extreme, the home page is a chat message interface, in addition, only the lower right corner to view the mail list to initiate a chat button, and the upper left corner to modify personal information and set the navigation bar. Allo registration is also simple, you can only through the phone number (support for mainland China mobile phone number) registration, and do not enter the Google account. After the registration is successful, you can also use their own Google account to bind to Allo. If you want to find a friend and initiate a chat, the premise is your mobile phone address book to save his mobile phone number, even if his Google account associated to the Allo, you can’t find him by searching the Gmail account. Chat interface and a lot of instant messaging applications. Allo also provides an interesting feature: whispering and shouting (Whisper Shout), when you make the text.相关的主题文章:

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