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Software You may be used to your current web browser, and do not want to change to another one, except that the new browser is more attractive. Google Chrome will give you enough reasons to change to a better browser. Chrome browser developed by Google has steadily gained massive popularity since released in 2008, available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7, Mac OS 10.5 and later (Intel only), Linux, and are being developed for Win 8. It the second most widely used browser at present, only after Internet Explorer. Every minute a multitude of people are hitting the Google Chrome download button. Why so many internet users choose it? The reasons are as following. Reason 1: Simple user interface Launch Chrome, you will see a clean, and well organized layout, having no menus and toolbars on the interface like other browsers, as it takes efficiency and ease of use as the aim. Reason 2: Advanced tab browsing From the tab context menu, you can duplicate tabs, close all other tabs, and restore the closed tab. By drag and drop, you can rearrange tab order, and even drag tab to open a new window. Tab isolation does not only mean that tabs appear separately, but also they function independently. When a troubling tab stops responding, the browser confines only the frozen tab, so that other tabs and the overall browser continue to run. Reason 3: Quick loading speed The main reason to download Chrome is for its unbelievably fast loading speed, which is verified to be the quickest among the major browsers and is getting faster with every new release. Chrome shows its fast responding speed by starting up from desktop quickly, loading web pages in a snap, and running .plex web applications swiftly, no matter the size of the application. Reason 4: Strong Security It makes use of the built-in malware and phishing protection to secure the web, and releases new updates to make sure there is no security hole in the browser. It uses a sandboxing technique as well to block malware and isolate the related tab from others, preventing them being affected. Reason 5: Synchronization With your Google account, Chrome can sync your bookmarks, browser preferences and extensions to any .puter once you sign into your account. It"s ideal for households with a single .puter, and for a person with two or more .puters. Reason 6: More available features Its task manager allows you to check the detailed information about browser memory usage, running processes, and provides the ability to terminate them. Thousands of apps, extensions, and themes are available in Chrome Web Store to enhance the browser function or give it a new appearance. Google Chrome is unquestionably the best overall internet browser on the market – easy to use, lightning fast, secure and has thousands of applications and extensions. It is effortless to do Chrome download from bestdownloadreview.., a leading freeware and shareware download website for users to free download software. It provides the safest, fastest, most stable and .prehensive software download service, as well as the reviews about the latest version of software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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