Goddess in the same box! Michele Lee Gigi Lai Yan Zhichao guards – freeze age high entertainment Soh christie stevens

Goddess in the same box! Michele Lee Gigi Lai freeze age Gao Yan – Sohu, Michele Lee entertainment Zhichao guards Gigi Lai 19, one as designer friends birthday Sohu   entertainment news; according to Hongkong media reports, the 46 year old star Michele Lee and businessman Julian married, by performing the work at home, to teach her son, and another 44 year old Hong Kong star Gigi Lai married businessman after Ma Tingqiang announced that he quit acting, two people are the hearts of many people of the goddess, but also good bestie. Yesterday they fit for friends birthday party and photo, so that a large number of netizens shouted the picture is too beautiful! Michele Lee and Gigi Lai are not often appear on the screen, but occasionally will still share the status in the community, a fan of acacia. Two people yesterday (19 days) and the same as the lady’s sister Michele Lee Li Jiaming, together for the fashion designer Zhang Jiewen birthday, see Michele Lee wearing a white shirt, elegant temperament is still in the red, Gigi Lai tight skirt debut, still maintain a graceful figure, do not see is the mother of 3 children. The two picture frame with the goddess, LED fans excitedly shouted "Yan burst table values", "two goddess how not old, well pleasing picture", "Hongkong the 2 most beautiful woman with a box".   相关的主题文章:

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