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God Tucao: a holiday no 2016 what news you hope – Sohu from all over the world pass by, I from your world pass. [National Day holiday 18 years: the number of trips from 28 million to 589 million people] a travel service platform forecast, this year’s National Day golden week, outbound tourists are spending more than 8000 yuan, domestic tourists are spending more than 800 yuan in.   while I was at home, spending about 80 yuan, I’m sorry, but also to the GDP hind legs. Fortunately, every day at the friends from all over the world to send photos of idle away in seeking pleasure at the end of the day, the eyes feel tired, in order to adjust the optic nerve, the state wants us even seven days.   today’s circle of friends is such a message: Congratulations, you have finished Shuabing 2016 all the legal holiday. I thought, if that were the case, be thankful that my girlfriend just told me she wanted to get an apple at Christmas 7.   I don’t know what Apple has. A motivational Master said when he bought iPhone4 in others bought a washing machine in iPhone4s, buy others bought a double door refrigerator, when buying a iPhone5 others buy air conditioners when buying iPhone5s, others bought the latest computer, buy iPhone6 others when buying 55 inch when buying a iPhone6s TV, others bought a super luxury sofa…… In this way, a few years later, when other people’s old mobile phones have become e-waste, he has a comfortable home.   and then there are friends of God comments: others to buy 7 of the time when he bought a Note7, and now, his washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, computer TV sofa all gone……   life is like this, God closes a door for you, will surely give you open a window to china. It is said that the country has maintained a world peace with a defeat   unfortunately, the so-called " Syrian government forces and opposition armed forces to celebrate the victory, announced a ceasefire 48 hours " just a rumor. According to CCTV reported that the Syrian authorities and opposition armed from the end of the game so far there has been no ceasefire statement, the Syria media also reported on the game itself alone.   originally enthusiastic users of the story that has already been designed: countries and regions all over the world football association is actively coordinating with the unrest, conflict of the football game, is expected to 2020, Chinese football team of 11 people with their own flesh and blood to help more than 10 million residents get incredible peace in the world. Not surprisingly, around 2020, the Orangemen will be awarded the Nobel peace prize…… All parties in Syria is really not sensible, missed such a good one by donkey downhill, peace chance, they suffered war.   peace is the main theme, development is the last word. Who is the patron saint of peace and development? Please speak out the two words loudly! Iraq has won the Asian championship, but the country has been diluted相关的主题文章:

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