Go to the museum and listen to the story. Quzhou has come out of the first generation of diplomats i tda7294

Let’s go to the museum and listen to the story. Quzhou went out of the first generation of diplomats in the Republic. "This is a picture of my father and Mandela, which are the unfinished manuscripts of his life."……" "On November 19th, Qu Ji Yafei – diplomat Zhou Mingji’s exhibition conducted in Quzhou city museum. Zhou Mingji’s eldest son, Zhou ya, was a guest announcer, explaining the stories behind the exhibits. "My father had a strong nostalgia for Quzhou." Zhou Ya said that he and his brother Zhou Feihua 2 years of time to sort out the exhibition of these materials. The exhibition is divided into four parts, namely road, early stage, foreign affairs, served as ambassador in Africa, in order to show Mr. Zhou Mingji’s life of the past. The exhibits include Zhou Mingji’s work items, honorary certificates, work manuscripts, biographies, newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.. On the day of Zhou Mingji’s life exhibition, a large number of citizens came to visit. "I’m proud to have such an alumnus." Zhou Mingji, a senior middle school student in Quzhou, said, before he was in the school alumni record, he was a diplomat, and now he knew more about his life. "He is an example of my study."". It is reported that the exhibition will last two months. Zhejiang news + Zhou Mingji, was born in December 6, 1929 in Zhejiang province Quxian, died in Beijing on September 13, 1998. He entered the foreign ministry in August 1950 and retired in September 1991. He fought for 41 years in the diplomatic front of new China. He was the first generation of professional diplomats in the republic.

去博物馆听故事吧 衢州曾走出共和国第一代外交官 “这张是我父亲与曼德拉的合影,这些是他生前未完成的手稿……”11月19日,“情系亚非——衢籍外交家周明基生平展”在衢州市博物馆开展。周明基的长子周亚客串“讲解员”,现场讲解起了这些展品背后的故事。“我父亲生前对衢州有很浓烈的乡愁。”周亚说,他与弟弟周非花了2年的时间整理出了参展的这些资料。此次展览分为四大部分,即求学之路、初涉外交舞台、涉足非洲事务、出任驻外大使,以此展示周明基先生的生平往事。展览的展品包括周明基曾经的工作物品、获得的荣誉证书、工作手稿、传记、剪报、照片等。周明基生平展开展当天吸引了一大批市民前来参观。“我为有这样一位校友而自豪。”衢州一中高一学生姚可说,之前在学校的校友录上看到过周明基是名外交家,现在对他的生平事迹了解得更详细了,“他是我学习的榜样”。据悉,展览将持续两个月时间。浙江新闻+周明基,1929年12月6日出生于浙江省衢县,1998年9月13日病逝于北京。从1950年8月进入外交部工作,直到1991年9月离休,在新中国的外交战线上整整战斗了41个春秋,是共和国第一代职业外交官。相关的主题文章:

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