Ghost chuideng Makino first thing stills exposure — entertainment channel,

"Ghost chuideng Makino: first thing" stills exposure — entertainment channel, "Makino ghost blows a thing" stills Beijing 25 August,   (Tang Ping); produced by Iqiyi, to industry, Huayi Brothers CO produced the super season broadcast drama "ghost blows Makino strange thing" is like a raging fire shooting, the film was a popular idol, Jin Chen king, and Wang Yuexin, and Iqiyi signed artist Zhang Xin, Li Shipeng, Zhang Boyu, actress, tiger Ceng Mengxue, Xu Yideng portrait of joining. The tension and a sense of crisis. The first round of exploration tomb tour stills, as "Makino ghost blows a thing" formally started the first gun. The author of the original work as the executive producer of the World tyrants sing, said in an interview, "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" is about the heritage of ancient tomb stunt "Pirates of the two generation", a technology with the ancestors of the latest high-tech equipment, carried out on this grueso adventure story. As the new head of Taiwan Hu days in the movie "meat swept across the Strait of my girlhood" harvest high popularity Wang, in "Makino ghost blows in a thing". Play the female one moon Jin Chen, in the play is also a color, for the first time in the exposure of the stills, Jin Chen’s "martial arts" amazing skill. Still capable of handsome appearance, the strength of suction eye as a key figure in Makino "ghost blows a thing" in context, the emergence of Jin Chen will lead the plot to bring the story of progressive layers, the ups and downs of the new brilliant suspense color. Two men are played by Wang Yuexin Raleigh, who has launched many more popular music works of Wang Yuexin, this will also sing the "ghost chuideng" in Makino: what song. While the female two small gold teeth by Iqiyi entertainment and signing artists after 95 flowers in Zhang xin. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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