Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant again! Actress wearing loose rights are

Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant again! Actress wearing loose rights are gone? The Sina eight film and television entertainment columnist boiled deep circle recently good, first admitted Ruby Lin pregnant, and Wallace Huo did not forget to touch the belly of the street children, and baby is also pregnant, the leader finally relented to confirm the date, attend the ceremony, you can see the belly bulge is quite obvious, yesterday, the entertainment circle on the other a couple of others envy has been exposed to baby~ Taiwan media said according to reliable sources, Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant, but Mark only said: "everything comes naturally." Although Mark did not elaborate, but they directly face the media broker, denied the pregnancy: "this man Mark, you will say, did not say no." It is straightforward. No matter not pregnant, eat melon people are holding blessing attitude drop ~ has said Mark Gao Yuanyuan, the couple since 2014 after the marriage is happy, from time to time came "pregnant" news, two people do not know how many times that in two years, Mark attended the event, interviewed said "hope this kind of thing naturally, the best two, add up to just a pair of." Wife was photographed wearing loose clothes, suspected pregnancy, and had to respond and not pregnant, still in the effort. It was Gao Yuanyuan’s turn, only to admit that he is fat, it seems the Chinese New Year food is good ~ to July this year, the birth of more, Taiwan media reports Gao Yuanyuan son made a special trip to Taiwan to see the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, even eat a bad mood, making a face to her husband. And… . (brain skill too strong) is the number of pregnancy can catch up with Faye Wong but back in the early days of their marriage, Gao Yuanyuan said: "my mom and my dad didn’t hurry, don’t worry ah ~" the thought of two of the world, don’t want it spicy fast baby are you? Not only the fans, even passers-by to see how much they love. The same frame photos, the two people’s eyes were suffused with light, as long as together, always holding hands, laughing covered by greetings, forthrightly kiss? (° ‘????) according to Mark said, two people will not only play a little game at home, such as the "wall of Dong", will be the dog Aberdeen photographed so love photos, warm! Some of the strength of the interpretation of what is called "my eyes only you" ~ baby to be their child heart arrest. Many men in the eyes of the goddess, married, will also reduce the work, dull housewives will do, buy dish washing, add some smoke gas, so ah, whether it is not pregnant have no children, all did not prevent them happy, isn’t it? Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章:

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