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Gansu clean up the field of engineering construction of various types of deposits to reduce the burden on Enterprises – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Xuemei) Gansu provincial government office recently disclosed, will fully clean up the field of engineering construction of various types of deposits, in addition to the tender deposit, according to the law to set up the performance security, engineering quality guarantee, guarantee wages of migrant workers. Other margin will be canceled. In order to effectively reduce the burden on the construction industry and reduce the transaction costs of the system, Gansu has developed a standardized work area to clean up the construction of the project, in order to promote the sustained and healthy development of the province’s construction field. The program said that in the future, without the approval of the State Council, shall not be in any form in the field of new construction projects margin. On the cancellation of the deposit, since June 23, 2016, all the charges will be stopped; to retain the deposit, in accordance with the relevant provisions and the parties agreed to return on time. Program requirements, financial departments at all levels to special deposit account for a comprehensive inventory, has canceled the deposit, the special account should be returned after the completion of the cancellation in December 31, 2016. For such a new project to open financial accounts not in financial departments at all levels. Gansu proposed, municipalities and relevant departments should standardize in the margin at the same time, accelerate the construction of credit system in the field of engineering construction, strengthen the credit information disclosure, and promote joint incentive and faithless joint discipline, establish a new mechanism of supervision and restraint. In terms of the quality of the project margin, the provisions of the provisions of the upper limit of Gansu shall not exceed 5% of the total amount of the project price settlement. Before the completion of the project, the performance bond has been paid, the construction unit shall not be reserved for the project quality margin. Gansu migrant workers pay margin differential deposit method. The wages of migrant workers to pay the amount of margin to be linked to corporate credit, a period of time did not occur in arrears of wages of enterprises, the implementation of relief measures; the occurrence of wage arrears in the enterprise, the appropriate increase in the proportion of deposit. Program requirements, municipalities and relevant departments to comprehensively promote the construction field margin information disclosure, the establishment of complaint investigation mechanism; implement the accountability system, the lack of work, to strict accountability, and be criticized. Building departments at all levels to set up complaint hotlines and mailboxes, and announced to the public; seriously investigate and deal with the complaint matters to be individually registered in Gansu province; to the construction market information published on a regular basis to investigate the results of typical cases, exposure of illegal deposits. (end).相关的主题文章:

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