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G20 concert scenes: let directors "taste" – Sohu culture channel Zhang Yimou very love surface reflection in visual design, fully consider the water mirror effect, become "the most memory is the theme of Hangzhou". (visual Chinese map) to Huang Hui particularly impressive is that higher levels of leadership, in the "best memories in Hangzhou" the vast majority of program directors "let go" taste is no longer marching, but elegant, Jiangnan, ink painting. On the afternoon of September 4, 2016, the heavy rain in Hangzhou was not long. If you have been under the "best memories in Hangzhou" I am afraid to start a rainy day plan: the leaders of the 20 countries to move into the Hangzhou Grand Theater, enjoy the indoor version of the show. That is to say, hundreds of people in West Lake the performance of real pay for more than a year of hard work, will face a very difficult to accept the results. Since the Beijing Olympic Games, Zhang Yimou is almost the highest standard Chinese ceremony, show the general director of the two candidates. G20 took over the show, he did not want to repeat themselves, can not. "Zhang said," we are not doing a spring festival gala, not a big party." "Yi is the most general design of Hangzhou" video Huang Hui told the Southern Weekend reporter, Zhang Yimou stressed that "the water show scene symphony concert" the location. Large live performances, Zhang Yimou is very familiar with his name, the "impression" series known, if the imitator count is all over the. "Hangzhou" is the best memories in the "impression of West Lake" the venue to re design, only a small amount of the original equipment, rain peaks is rising from under the water for example at the end of the show. The biggest enemy of this show is the weather. General director Zhang Yimou after the end of the show and total producer Sha Xiaolan told CCTV, Zhang Yimou tells them this morning: tangled with no plan, which plans to take the rain shelter Symphony orchestra…… Zhang Yimou’s not going to rain. He said he wanted to be "prosperity and prosperity, everything should be very smooth". "The weather, but unfortunately the indoor version." Video design Liu Shan said. He was with another general Zhao Xiaoding to join the "video design best memories in Hangzhou" creative team, mainly responsible for the design of projection video giant fan; Zhao Xiaoding is a long-term cooperation Zhang Yimou photographer, photographed "hero" and "house of Flying Daggers" "Curse of the golden flower". The program with the real indoor version of the show is similar, by the deputy chief executive director Xiao Xiangrong led a group of people at the same time, rehearsal and real version of the production. Indoor version of the withdrawal, Xiao Xiangrong and his team’s work, to wait until the national day two Taiwan, the most interesting is West Lake, the video broadcast on CCTV, in order to meet with the audience. Let the world sit up more than and 20 dancers in 3 cm deep water stand a-tiptoe, jumping out of the "Swan Lake". This unique in ballet. "If you compare it to the world, Chinese ballet is not the best ballet in the world, but in the form of it, it has a unique way." "Swan Lake" director Wang wake told the southern weekend reporter. This unique approach brings a range of techniques"相关的主题文章:

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