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Fun steam: a practical guide to save money Dafa steamDB (a) [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] if you haven’t heard of steamDB, your steam has not started, is still in the "buy rookie stage waste of money.". Why does God play? Because they will buy, you buy a game price people can buy three or four, so the sooner you spend more money to rookie period. SteamDB as one of the third most important steam data platform, steam provides a lot of useful information, if the data can be familiar with the site, it is very helpful for the use of steam, you can view the information of limited area of the game, different price game in each area, the lowest in history and a price the game of the trend, even can predict in advance the game promotions and events, like to G fat opened a door for the good, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble can even save money! Get along with Xiaobian to learn how to use steamDB, Seaview point the day and await for it! Address stamp: steamDB official website. SteamDB website to view the promotion of the game in the district to see the history of the lowest price and the price trend of the first phase of the introduction of the appid and subID view. Every game sold on the steam platform is essentially the same as the one in the supermarket, and they all have to be unique and unique in order to distinguish between the appid and the subID of the game. What is the difference between the two ID? Appid represents a game, subID said the specific types of the game, because there are different areas of the game in the steam, gift activation or key activation, so the existence of subID is very necessary. For example, appid and subID represent different flavors of instant noodles, on behalf of instant noodles, braised beef flavor is still the old altar sauerkraut taste. And the more we care about is subid. Below we use specific examples to show how to look at a game of these two ID. Radiation 4 (Fallout 4) as an example. Fallout 4 in the upper right corner of the steamDB web site, the following results can be obtained. The search results Fallout 4 top 4 radiation ontology, its appid is 377160, the six digit is represented only 4 body below the DLC radiation, and tickets etc. has its own appid, do not interfere with each other. Then click appid to enter the view. Select the Packages option on the left to see subid. View 377160 below the subID can see the radiation of the body of a total of 4 such versions. Several of the markers are easier to see. Fallout 4 BR, Fallout ASIA, Fallout 4 RU, Fallout 4 CN generation.相关的主题文章:

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