Fujian was informed by several teachers to buy food in the Jeeves stalls (video) fkzww

Fujian teachers were informed in October 23rd due to buy food in the Jeeves stalls, there are users in the micro-blog post called on officials in violation of the provisions of city management informed "pictures, pictures show two from Sanming Ninghua Hongqi primary school and east primary school teacher, because to buy food in the Jeeves stalls were informed. Friends broke the news caused a heated debate on the Internet, Ninghua County Committee County authorities confirmed the authenticity of the briefing to reporters. According to friends broke the news content, Southeast network reporter interviewed Ninghua County organs Working Committee, the relevant staff told reporters, has released a bulletin. The staff also told reporters in Ninghua County in order to stop the violation of the provisions of city management, to further strengthen the city governance, led by the working committee of Ninghua County organs, a number of departments, to carry out the Party cadres strictly abide by the norms of city management work behavior. According to reports, the reporting time is October 21st, involving 11 people, including 4 teachers, 9 people informed reason to buy food in the Jeeves stalls, the other 2 people informed of the reason is illegal parking and riding a motorcycle without a helmet. However, the staff was informed, has not suffered any punishment. Many users have also commented on the matter, and some with a fresh, wonderful and other words are described, there are friends, said: This is more than a Discipline Inspection Commission at the expense of their own holiday dinner teacher even more ah." There are friends that now many markets in the roadside stall, as a people not whether Jeeves stalls, the key is the law enforcement departments to regulate the stall behavior. "Don’t deal with illegal stall, buy food processing, the inspectors? Also candid, privacy right?" A net friend said. Southeast network reporter in Sanming City of the Communist Party of China and Political Committee "@ Ping Sanming" see the official micro-blog, micro-blog in October 11th had issued "the introduction of Ninghua county Party cadres strictly observe the city management practices". "The CPC Ninghua County organs Working Committee with the relevant provisions of city management, formulated the" Ninghua county cadres strictly abide by city management "take the lead in the three eight no" code of conduct ", requiring the county all Party cadres must strictly abide by the four resolutely". The reporter saw that the standard of "eight prohibitions", one for "not to buy food, and food stalls in the road of shopping behavior. Ninghua county also set up inspection teams take unannounced visits to capture, inspections and other special inspection of streets in violation of the provisions, and the relevant units to regularly go to law enforcement or access to surveillance video, grasp the Party cadres irregularities. For violation of norms of Party members and cadres, once verified, will be informed, and depending on the number of violations to remind conversation, a written review, admonishing education, at the same time according to the number of violations of personal and spiritual bonus withholding unit. Shock! A teacher’s speech cry music parents began to reflect on the China Jia相关的主题文章:

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