Fujian provincial cultural relic protection units become controversial in Beijing Hotel-kimi wo omou melodi

Fujian provincial cultural relic protection units become controversial new network – Hotel in Washington (reporter Li Danqing) "in early 2011 by the Fujian Provincial People’s government for approval by the provincial cultural relics protection units, the honor of the Gulangyu Islet Hotel, only this one." Recently, the "worker’s Daily" the reporter saw in Xiamen "Kung Pao article" hotel official website so. The security unit into the hotel, inconvenience to the public to visit, so controversial. In the online search of the hotel Kung Pao ", the reporter saw a company located in Siming District of new drum Road No. 67~69" Kung Pao article Hotel "and located in the Gulangyu Islet District of Gulangyu Islet deer reef Road No. 5" (the Kung Pao Hotel deer reef Road shop No. 5)". Reporters call the hotel staff to inform, the two hotels are the same, only two stores, which is located in Siming District of new drum Road No. 67~69 "miyaho the hotel" is the former residence of Lin Zumi, which belongs to the Fujian provincial cultural relics protection units. The reporter understands, from Wufeng Lin Lin Zumi to patriotic known, his father Lin Zhaodong was during the Sino French war to defend Taiwan’s generals. After the Sino Japanese War, the Lin Zhaodong family moved and settled in Gulangyu Islet, Zumi forest in Zhangzhou in 1925 by the reactionary warlord killed. Located in the drum of the new road 67, Lin Zumi, the former residence of the home, built in the late Qing Dynasty, by the main building and the Deputy floor of the building of two buildings, is a typical Western style architecture. In "Kung Pao article" Hotel Official Website "Hotel", the reporter noted that the hotel consists of two blocks of European style villa and three exquisite gardens, general Lin Zumi built in 1895 of the house, it is also called Lin mansion, but after a hundred years, but after 16 months of repair and decoration, interior decoration is simple but not simple, retro and not old. The booking site in many hotels, including group purchase website, the reporter can see the hotel "the form", show the hotel decoration time is 2012, Fangxing 200 yuan from the economy around the "warm cabin", to 400 yuan comfortable about "Deluxe", and then to several thousand yuan "luxurious room, everything. "Kung Pao the hotel has a total of more than and 20 rooms, the Chinese go retro, compared the boat pier near distance." The staff said. When asked whether the provincial cultural relics protection unit can live, the staff said the hotel is spent on the purchase of property rights can be assured of living". Then, reporters call the Fujian Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, a staff member explained, the provincial cultural relics protection units for territorial jurisdiction, found this situation to find the local culture, but also the cultural relics belong to private property, "if it is private property rights can be traded". But the Xiamen people have said, the security unit has a cultural heritage and educational functions, even for commercial purposes, it should be appropriate to open to the public.相关的主题文章:

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