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Fujian Pingnan guy save lives drowning drunken man: don’t think about the other – Beijing new network in Ningde in October 25, the rescue (Chen Xiaojuan Ye Mao) "I happened to pass there at that time, to see someone drowning, just to save water, did not think of other things." When Fujian County guy Xu Daoxu 25, recalled the scene last night to save the scene, he told reporters in Pingnan. 24 evening 8:40, Pingnan, a hotel downstairs River, a middle-aged man fell into the water. Usually in his hometown of Xu Daoxu Da Bei Village farming, Pingnan Chengguan day to sell their chestnut, the night with friends after dinner just arrived at the hotel near, heard someone shout, "well, some people fell into the water." Xu Daoxu quickly stepped forward to see the river, a man face down in the water flopping. "Quick alarm." Carter, Xu Daoxu to take off his clothes and jumped into the water, lifting the drowning man, but because the bank is too high, he can only use his hands always try to man up in his chest, until the fire brigade arrived. By this time, Xu Daoxu has been naked in the cold water soak for more than and 20 minutes, but to see the drowning man finally safe, he dressed and leave silently. The drowning man is drunk after accidentally fall, if it is not the young man into the water in time to help lift up, certainly not life." Witnessed the whole process and call the police call the public Zhang Zhongpao said the behavior of the young man to his point of praise, full of positive energy. (end)相关的主题文章:

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