Fu’an enterprises suspected of harmful gas emissions 3 villagers smashed equipment was sentenced – C 9c8836

Suspected corporate emissions of harmful gases in Fu’an 3 villagers smashed equipment sentenced – Beijing for suspected harmful gas emissions in Fu’an Bay dock company in August 27th last year, the local Huang Mei Yang Cun leaf and several other villagers gathered in the business negotiations. In the meantime, a yellow leaf with a hoe, shovel and other objects, smashing the enterprise equipment. Recently, due to intentional destruction of other people’s property, Huang Ye 3 villagers were sentenced to court for seven months, suspended for one year. Last June, a Fu’an Plastic Co. Ltd. began in the city of Fu’an Wu Zhen Mei Yang Cun Wan investment and production of plastic meters, Mei Yang Cun village that gas production when emissions from the affected villagers living healthy, and carry out the company and several rounds of negotiations, but has been unable to solve. The same year in August 27th at 7 pm, the villagers Huang Mei Yang Cun, He Mouzhong, Huang Mouhuan, et al. Leaves gathered about the situation again in the village canteen, then decided to go to try to stop the company to continue production. In the company’s workshop, a yellow leaf, He Mouzhong, Huang Mouhuan and other 3 people with hoes, shovels, etc. loading smashed galvanized pipe and welding machines, electronic scales, cutting machine and other production equipment. Identified by the Fu’an Price Certification Center, a total of 22613 yuan worth of damaged goods. Fu’an court held that Hwang leaves, He Mouzhong, Huang Mouhuan Gang intentional destruction of property of others, the value of 22613 yuan, the larger amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of intentional destruction of property, is sentenced to seven months imprisonment, suspended for one year. (reporter correspondent Chen Jian Huang Caijia)相关的主题文章:

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