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From the shallow purple gold to dark color Song Jia: a mobile short textbook lead: who says Song Jia short ugly, as the "coat hanger" walk, our teacher had flowers have two faces, the attack switched freely, now not only hair color change, the model is more fashionable new height, it not handsome to a friend! (source: PClady) regression from shallow purple to deep golden color, Song Jia hair promotion textbooks just a month ago but Song Jia short hair is scolded too horrible to look at, playing strange hair color but recently obediently dyed the hair black hair, back to the fashion position of icon. Whether it is overbearing president wind still gentle light by Song Jia Cougar, short hair can all fix, called the entertainment short textbook ah ~ Song Jia has always been to long hair style appearance of Song Jia suddenly changed into a handsome boy hairstyle, micro-blog sun a blonde also let users refer to is not suitable for! Cool light blond color, in the fringe, clearly is a handsome 90 fashionista, but after all, this kind of not harmonious other black hair a bad low off! Although users have short hair style of Song Jia mixed, but had to admit that Song Jia is playing, personality! Shortly after Song Jia, officially unveiled at an event, the top dream purple hair color, some people can’t accept, before the atmosphere became so fashionable goddess net red style. Song Jia, however, enough to play the hair dyed Song Jia finally dyed black hair, and the value of this dye instantly rebound, temperament greatly increased! This straightforward yet feminine bangs hair, with geometric sense tailoring with fashionable texture, showing a messy style short hair, long bangs eyebrows also played the role of modified face, neck and shoulder word collocation curves show, give out! Song Jia, who said big head is belong to the male god, Song Jia is head of oil and gas field full, one in the posture! All-back a short handed offensive personality, with wet hair styling products to create texture, delicate and fashionable, for plaid shirt, as boyfriend just like the wind, like soft, for Song Jia’s ROCK adolescent temperament plus a lot of points. Song Jia black points is not only suitable for long hair, short hair is also unique flavor, Song Jia’s oil head less cute, more mature, with a full intellectual charm, like through non transparent collocation gown, a temperament. Song Jia popular return to retro, fashion week Song Jia this messy with the length of the long bangs is to play a level. Finely cut rich level, plus some natural curl, long bangs make a bit of sense of art, some gentle and uninhibited, with this special hair, Song Jia also took pains in the makeup, eye-catching silver liner to create a very modern eye makeup, with a hot pink lipstick stunning charm. Song Jia life short, partial of the hair to create a fluffy smooth and clean, before flying up natural shape, as if just wake up look, from the details of increasing the modern degree, with exquisite makeup and aura lip color, very suitable for the workplace OL. Song Jia how faint feeling cut short hair after the whole person at ease Song Jia!相关的主题文章:

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