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From Europe to honeymoon eighteen years John Fu Lei and Liu Haisu grudges Liu Haisu (right three) and Fu Lei (right two) for a visit to Paris Academy of fine arts professor, famous sculptor Ron Tes Ki Fu Lei and Liu Haisu studio, the relationship between a strange combination of circumstances, whirling, its rich connotation to comprehend thought-provoking, five mixed, Nishajuxia China modern cultural history. The relationship between Fu and Liu experience honeymoon, alienation, John, compound four stages. Fu Lei died at the age of fifty-eight, Liu Haisu will usher in the second golden age, humiliation, life longevity, achieve success and win recognition. This article from the "John" breakthrough, interpretation of the two cultural celebrities of the inner world and their grievances. (a) about Liu Fu, John Fu Lei, I have the exact record. In September 1, 1943 Huang Binhong, Fu Lei mentioned Liu Haisu, made it clear that "man with no dealings has been nearly ten years, and in 1957 the" Fu Lei readme "in two paragraphs, explain the: in 1933 September, the death of his mother, which is fine because resigned from the educational administration, (a) juvenile no, no admission qualification to teach, mother, I am in abroad without degree, she doesn’t work more sad; and when the economic independence, the mother only months posted tens of dollars, can not make a living; (two) Liu Haisu to be my personal good, but when someone is unkind, pure running store style. I am very sick, so that the resignation of a dead mother. Second: 1937 (Note: the actual should be 1936) in the summer for a dead friend string held in Shanghai "painting works exhibition", Professor Zhang Shengqian was born by the fine art students, exploitation, so he died of depression; about a few old classmates do the posthumous exhibition, and a break from Liu Haisu in the preparatory meeting this twenty years, john. Liu Haisu was president of the Shanghai Academy of fine arts, more than two text displayed by Fu Lei "resign" and "John Liu Haisu" the progressive relationship: Liu Haisu school "shop style", led to a string of death; Zhang Xian’s death, Liu Haisu is the "treat people thin moment". When Fu Lei wrote these words, "John". Over the past 20 years, and to restore the ceremonial exchanges with Liu Haisu. However, the same is the Liu Haisu, they have completely different interpretations of "John", "two or three things" in Fu Lei, Liu Haisu told me and he soon – for one thing, no exchanges for ten years. Fu Cong is very small, Fu Lei did not let him go to school, they teach him culture, please expert a Shanghai Orchestra of the Italy school to teach the orchestra and piano fingering, take every day to practice the piano music tutor, Fu Cong. Fu Lei hearing sensitive, listen to the wrong hit, I am very disgusted with this, advised him to say: "children should go to school, live a collective life, so that he fully developed, so playing too bad." Fu Lei said, "do you want to teach my son?"" "Did you use the porcelain basin hit the child nose, leaving a scar, this is too much, why can’t I?" "I don’t agree with you!" His voice improved. "You regret it!" …… Self)相关的主题文章:

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