From Bai Enpei, let more big sit around the wearing

From Bai Enpei, let more big "to sit around and wear" editorial amendments to the criminal law (nine) the new "life imprisonment" and "no commutation and parole" supporting the use, can realize the real "really", the corruption is more deterrent. According to reports, former Secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Committee, former deputy director of the NPC Environmental and resources protection committee member Bai Enpei, yesterday morning in Anyang City Intermediate People’s court for taking bribes, huge unidentified property crimes, sentenced to death, suspended for two years, in a period of two years shall be reduced to life imprisonment, life imprisonment, or commutation and parole. Bai Enpei thus became China’s first "life imprisonment" big tiger". In popular terms, sentenced to life imprisonment, means that the rest of Bai Enpei’s life will be spent in prison. The move has its symbolic meaning. According to the criminal law amendment (nine) provisions and the relevant judicial interpretation of the crime of bribery and embezzlement, bribery three million yuan, particularly serious crime, particularly bad social impact, can be sentenced to death; but has surrendered, meritorious service, truthfully confessed crimes, sincere repentance and positive return stolen goods and other circumstances, not to be executed immediately, may be sentenced to death. Suspended for two years. The regulations are not to be sentenced to death or reprieve designed "should be" clause, but the choice of judicial discretion "to" clause, which leads to the defendant to death without rigid, specific criteria. Compared with some senior officials, Bai Enpei bribery of nearly 250 million yuan, the amount of refresh the tiger corruption record. But some corruption cases previously showed that due to the presence of some statutory and discretionary lighter punishment, such as confessed judiciary has not yet mastered the crimes, and actively ill gotten gains, many corrupt officials are easy to "escape", "death to the doctor" seems to have become a reality. At present, the death penalty reduced the death penalty under the background of rule of law, refers to the worldwide practice, life imprisonment is to try not to break the legal deterrent alternative measures. In countries that have abolished death penalty, life imprisonment is the most severe punishment. Public opinion has been concerned on the abolition of the death penalty, in addition to "Sharenchangming" revenge idea, the more important reason is, often described as the "sentence of imprisonment" and "early release from prison (money)". In the background of the current anti-corruption pressure, to life imprisonment for criminal law after the earthquake the death penalty deterrent, is in line with the "strict control of the death penalty and the criminal policy of" alternative measures to death penalty design, also from the system to block the corrupt advance of prison, from which the penalty system is more in line with the wide criminal policy. The criminal law in accordance with the principle of suiting punishment, try to life imprisonment for some big, is a positive and safe choice. This heavy more consideration to deter crime level, reflecting a crackdown on corruption crime determination. Although the previous "life imprisonment" single literally, it will make people have a hard seat to wear the feeling, but due to the existence of commutation, parole system, the penalty has been dubbed as "false"". The criminal law amendment (nine) new "life imprisonment" is not an independent penalty, but with no commutation and parole "supporting the use of a true" life imprisonment "intention, is the real" really ", but also better]相关的主题文章:

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