Foreign Ministry appreciates Kampuchea cooperation with China to combat cross-border crime – Sohu ne jslottery

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Kampuchea appreciates the cooperation with China to combat cross-border crime – Sohu News International online report (reporter Wu Qian): China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 21, including more than 63 suspects from Taiwan, telecommunications fraud suspects escorted back to the mainland from Kampuchea’s position. Lu said that the Chinese side highly appreciated and thanked the Kampuchea side firmly adhere to the one China policy, working together with China to combat cross-border crime, such as telecommunications fraud. 20, 63 telecommunications fraud suspects were escorted back to Kampuchea from the mainland, including 13 Taiwan Ji suspects. Taiwan authorities expressed regret. In a regular press conference that day, a reporter asked the Taiwan authorities made the comment, Lu Kang said about Taiwan’s comments, this is not a diplomatic issue, please refer to the Taiwan Affairs Office of the state council. But he also pointed out: "the Chinese authorities will be on the back sides of the suspect involved in accordance with the law, which is conducive to thoroughly investigate the case, to effectively combat crime, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the victim, that will get the compatriots on both sides and the international community’s understanding and support." According to the Ministry of Public Security issued Chinese information, recently Kampuchea immigration administration under the Ministry of public security Chinese clues to Cambodia working group, in the capital Phnom Penh destroyed a telecommunications network fraud dens, arrested 63 suspects (50 people, 13 people, Taiwan), and seized a telephone, computer, voice gateway, interphone, a number of tools of crime of fraud. Cambodia immediately informed the relevant circumstances of the case of our. After preliminary investigation, the gang posing as public security organs, wantonly to call Chinese mainland residents to implement telecommunications network fraud, the specific number of cases and the amount involved is under further verification.相关的主题文章:

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