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Foreign media: Wendy Deng and Blair "cheating" injured Murdoch Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Zhang Fengyu] the British "Guardian" published 13 articles said, Murdoch’s "the Australian" editor Chris? Said Mitchell, former British Prime Minister Blair Wendy Deng and the "intimate relationship" between Zeng Murdoch feels very painful and hurt. Mitchell’s book will be available in September 15th. The editor worked in the news group the longest time in a new book, Murdoch is aware of Wendy Deng and Blair in "relationship" was very painful, the first few months after the divorce, two people, Murdoch "in the lonely struggle in sleep at night". Murdoch’s family said that in that period of time, Murdoch is easy to wake up when sleeping. Mitchell said his former boss at the time was obviously the relationship between his ex-wife and former friends to get close to the point of collapse". Mitchell has worked for the Department of the media for 24 years, Murdoch, he describes himself and the Murdoch is not close but friendly and trust each other, more importantly, similar to the world view". He said he stood up to speak for Murdoch, because "the image of Murdoch has been distorted too much by the rival media". Mitchell described Murdoch as "a loving parent and husband, though not the favorite of the left-wing media."". Mitchell also accused the "Guardian", "Fairfax Australia Broadcasting Corporation, the media often hysterical unprovoked attack the Murdoch family and the media empire", which leads Murdoch into the suspicious schemes and intrigues, and thus lead to marriage. Since 2014, Murdoch repeatedly denounced Blair and Wendy Deng to maintain the marriage relationship between him and Deng during the affair, but Blair still firmly refused to admit their own ambiguous relationship and Deng, and Wendy Deng kept silent. In this regard, Mitchell believes that Blair and the "just ordinary friends" may be more in line with the facts of the fact that, in the case of the fact that, in fact, it is true that, in fact, the. Mitchell said Wendy Deng and Blair did come together, but more because of their mutual relationship, and the sympathy and understanding of Blair’s unsuccessful marriage in the early years of her life in the early days of the year when he was born.相关的主题文章:

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