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Foreign media: Taliban and the siege of 3 provincial capital of the Afghan government forces constantly on the run – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 19th: foreign media said 8 Taliban militants stormed the capital of Uruzgan province, central Afghanistan, this is the latest in a city in Taliban in the national campaign aimed at the offensive may have several places in Afghanistan the defeated army. According to the British "times" website reported on September 9th, with the army’s defensive collapse, Taliban militants break through the city gate, panicked civilians fleeing kot. Fierce fighting from one street to another street, the army is still in some key locations to resist the stick, including the police headquarters and the governor’s office. Afghan special forces came from neighboring Kandaha province to support, but as night fell, Taliban still occupy some areas. Residents say Taliban’s position was attacked by air strikes. In Uruzgan province, parliamentary leader Abdel? Kareem? Hardham Karzai said: "if the reinforcements to the city will fall. All officials have been transferred to the military base of the airport. The city is under siege. Taliban is only 100 meters away from the police headquarters." The attack means that the Afghan capital Kot in 3 provinces have been under siege. For more than a month, Taliban militants have been fighting in the outskirts of Helmand’s capital, Rush Calgar, and the fierce fighting around the northern city of Kunduz has started again. Last year, there has been a brief occupation of Taliban armed forces, and later in the British and American special forces involved in the counterattack in the eviction. Taliban has the ability to cover 3 cities at once, making it hard for the Afghan army. Some of the provincial government does not recognize the impending disaster for Kabul in the fall, when a region not sent reinforcements openly expressed dissatisfaction with. Ghany? Ahmad Karzai, 8 office of the President issued a statement, insisted that the government will not let Uruzgan province becoming a refuge for terrorists, with the crisis to treat hackneyed and stereotyped expressions of local officials of great indignation. Interior Ministry spokesman Siddiq? Siddiqui also easily said: "we have no fear. The city will not fall. Reinforcements have been dispatched." Kot residents questioned, because Taliban militants attacked government buildings in order to occupy a favorable terrain will drive them out from home. The city has a population of 70 thousand people in 2014 before the withdrawal of NATO troops in Australia and Holland base. Taliban’s armed forces have promised to provide protection if the army and officials surrender. The police admitted that there are several military posts without any resistance occupied, but said government forces have now re organization. The United States military commander in Kabul said that no deployment of U.S. troops defending the city. The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan has prompted the United States to send troops to Helmand, despite Washington’s renewed vigilance over the escalating conflict. President Obama died before he leaves the end of the war in Afghanistan. The United States hopes in Kunduz last year after the fall of the White House short reluctantly agreed to let.相关的主题文章:

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