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For thousands of years in the same boat repair, Jiangnan ancient town tourism Sohu Jiangnan autumn affair – too much, too similar, small bridges, gray tiles and white walls, boat leisurely, smoke curl, Xitang, is one of the most real one. Jiangnan river flow of the River gave birth to the arranged in a crisscross pattern, life and civilization here. Morning and night time rotation, signs of falling in the town of white walls and black tiles. "The ancient town days and months multiplying, Tim" word, but let the character a little flavor, as is the time of the walnut, the tray in the palm, in the course of time, edges are polished, sealed by a number of events. Time is just a test, the essence of the ancient town is still water. Water is a cause of the town come in a throng, as previously mentioned, water is the source of life and civilization. A town of rain mostly ignore the visitors to be caught off guard. Xitang ancient town of rivers and bridges, bridges, almost every bridge has a long history behind and touching story. The famous Wolong bridge, Wufu bridge, Songzi Laifeng bridge, habitat bridge etc.. The construction of the Xitang ancient bridge is from the Song Dynasty; Ming Dynasty, along with the commercial prosperity, gathered in business, stone is made more before the small town of Xitang has every kind of nearly 100 of the bridge. Xitang beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage. According to statistics, the history here had nineteen Jinshi, lifts thirty-one people. Since the Ming Dynasty, there are nine historical records, there are one hundred and three people have left the world of the book. Yang Mao, Zhang Cheng is a master of two Xitang arts and crafts, lacquer master. Their works especially in the reach the acme of perfection, the lacquer box technique reached its peak, high level representatives of the Yuan Dynasty lacquer works. Zhou Ding and Chen Shunyu, Wuzhen and called "Jiashan three people", he describes the scenery in Xitang many "Ping Chuan ten poems", such as Xitang, North and South North green spring night, Wang pan is rainbow, Wild Goose Bay first, reveals the ancient town of Xitang at the time of the life scene, showing the Xitang a beautiful painting of the picture. Gu Xidong, famous playwright. President of former chairman of Zhejiang Literary Federation, Zhejiang opera. Gu Xidong devoted his life to the drama creation, wrote a number of scripts, which is famous for "Five" and "Baishou female palace resentment". Why did you stay in Xitang? Bar street? Food? Give you a reason! The inn here really can have! In Xitang, there is such a saying. Xitang day night night no beauty, no rain no rain snow Ling Jing, praise. In the absence of these days, with the circumstances, the choice of an essential feature inn. By the time the baptism of the white walls left after the mottled, black tiles by the sun and rain after the fall of the context, coincided with a rain on thousands of years later, a painter China painting on white paper and ink pen sharp. The impression that the green mountains and rivers ink painting has the blue sky, perhaps, in the eyes of ancient painters, rain to awaken more spiritual than the blue sky, heaven and earth. Sitting in the boat, watching the boatman rocked the oars, shaking as if time is ring, rocking back to the old memory. I have always had a yearning for the night scene in Xitang, has been recommended to stay to enjoy the end of the night to see Xitang, because in the daytime and.相关的主题文章:

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