Food and Drug Administration sudden inspection Shanghai aquatic products to take off-site cross

Take different way to cross check the Washington Administration of food and Drug Administration raided Shanghai aquatic products (reporter Chen Xihan) recently, the State Food and Drug Administration in Beijing and other 12 large and medium-sized city organizations to carry out special inspection of key water management products. Yesterday, take off-site inspection methods on the special inspection of the centralized market, Shanghai part of the business of fresh aquatic products sales enterprises and catering service organizations, by the Ningbo food and drug supervision departments responsible for law enforcement officers. According to the State Food and Drug Administration requirements, various units to check the proportional distribution according to the restaurant 40%, centralized trading market 40%, 20% supermarkets, the special inspection of the centralized trading market should be selected in the aquatic products wholesale market. From the aquatic species, mainly sampling in recent years the problem is relatively prominent turbot (turbot), Argus (black), mandarin fish and prawns and other 4 kinds of fresh aquatic products and transportation and sales in the process of aquaculture water. It is reported that all the samples will be taken back to Ningbo for inspection, inspection time is generally 5 to 10 days, the test data will be promptly reported to the State Food and drug administration.相关的主题文章:

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