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Following the Snowden incident after the network monitoring action blow after China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Liu Ping in the United States: Chinese Youth Daily (09 October 2016 03 Edition) a secret global network monitoring actions the United States may have to suspend, the reason is inside the theft. In October 5th, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that the crime of theft of government property and unauthorized move and keep confidential information, a government contractor criminal prosecution. Analysts said the case could force the United States to shut down some of the development of the global network of secret surveillance operations. This is together with the top was the outbreak of major global event in 2013: Edward · Snowden leak case of the U.S. National Security Agency about the theft. The first reported case of the "New York Times" said in August 27th this year, at 3 pm, in the 20 police blockade, dozens of heavily armed FBI agents raided the Maryland Glen Bernie area two storey building, then took a 51 year old man Harold · Martin III. In the New York Times, told the publication of the report on the secret arrest, the U.S. Department of justice before the recent release of the case. The indictment shows that Martin worked for Booz Alan this security company known as the world’s most profitable, and was sent to the United States the largest Intelligence Agency – national security bureau. Since 1990s, Martin began to secretly confidential material back home, in the home and car, law enforcement officers searched out thousands of categories ranging from materials, electronic documents classified may exceed the number of TB (1TB is one million times more than one trillion bytes). In 2013, former NSA employee Edward · Snowden, will reveal hundreds of secret and confidential documents to the British "Guardian" and the "Washington Post", to the world to expose the U.S. government for multiple network monitoring including the prism plan, dynamic. The leaked documents show that the "prism" which began by the U.S. National Security Bureau in 2007 since the implementation of the top global electronic surveillance program, the United States of German Chancellor Merkel, then president of Brazil Rousseff and other political leaders, American citizens and foreign citizens too many to count and communication with foreign people were listening. Leaked documents also show that Microsoft, YAHOO, Google, Facebook, the United States online and Apple Corp and other American Technology Corp are also involved. Global opinion is in an uproar, the behavior of the United States is very angry. The Martin case is the latest event after Snowden revealed the U.S. government spying network event details. "The Wall Street journal" reported that, as the highest level of security review of the contract workers in the United States during the work of the government, Martin served as the play "red team" network attack, responsible for the U.S. government, military and intelligence community computer network vulnerabilities, is very familiar with the government network. Since 2007, Martin has been studying in University of Maryland, Baltimore campus computer doctoral degree, the main direction for the U.S. National Security Agency is very concerned about the remote analysis of heterogeneous electricity相关的主题文章:

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