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Focus on the 2016 national cyber security awareness week five Highlights – Sohu news 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week news conference (Chinese net letter network Guo Yan photo) central network information office director Zhao Zeliang introduced the Network Security Coordination Bureau (China net letter network Guo Yan photo) Wuhan municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Li Shuyong introduced China (net the letter Guo Yan photo) publicity week Publicity Week "highlights of the 2016 national network security five highlights network security this year in September 19th to 25 in Wuhan city held. September 7th afternoon, reporters at the central network letter office, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government hosted the 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week news conference that the upcoming network security field large colorful activities, involving the following five highlights worth looking forward to. For the first time, held a nationwide unified for the first time in the local city held it is understood that the network security awareness week is the first nationwide unified organized, but also for the first time in the local city held the opening ceremony, is a major event in China’s network security work, to implement the general Secretary Xi Jinping important speech on the network safe maintenance spirit, has important significance to the broad masses of the people in cyberspace, the interests of the protection of national network security. This year will be held during the propaganda week of network security Expo, more than and 100 enterprises exhibitors, according to a prominent intellectual, interactive, experience and interest requirements, the experts selected 95 exhibitors, including Alibaba, Tencent, Qihoo 360, Baidu, wave, dawn, the internationally renowned security company Kabasiji and many other foreign companies will participate in the exhibition Expo; also for 15 home network security start-ups to provide free booth. To understand the network security technology summit forum held for the first time the reporter, the publicity week will be held for the first time the peak network security technology forum, around the network security personnel training, big data security technology theme discussion. Responsible comrades of the well-known academicians and experts, large Internet and network security companies, the relevant departments, as well as from Russia, the United States, Britain, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and Hongkong China enterprise leaders and experts will attend the meeting and speech. The first set of network security knowledge contest TV conference, the central network security Coordination Bureau Information Office official said, one of the highlights of this year’s publicity week is the first set of television network security knowledge contest. Based on Provincial trials, teams from 28 provinces participated in the semi-finals and youth summer camp activities of network security in the city of Wuhan, the semi-finals selected 8 team finals and finals will be held in Wuhan city. During the publicity week for the first time in recognition of advanced models of network security in accordance with the National Network Security Awareness Week program, the network will also be recognized in the promotion of advanced security typical. Under the guidance of the central network letter office and the Ministry of education, the China Internet development foundation network security fund organized a network security talents, excellent teachers and other activities. After the central departments and academicians recommended, expert review, publicity, selection of the network.相关的主题文章:

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