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Fixed income investment also cross set to open debt + set by becoming popular in the Securities Times reporter Li Tiantian since the beginning of June, bond yields continued to decline, the 10 year bond yields fell below 2.7%, hitting 2.6%, down the interest rate the central fixed income products revenue decline, by increasing the fixed income thickening set to open debt "crossover" products are sought after. At present, in addition to the issue of the establishment of the two boshijijin scheduled to open debt + fixed gain products, and many companies have also said the product design is the design or planning of such products. A large fund company in Shenzhen to invest in fixed income sources, on the one hand, the central rate down, the fixed income products need to find some kind of absolute return highlights thickening of income will increase, the discount is relatively safety cushion, can attract investors of absolute returns, the lock can be just closed, scheduled to open debt; on the other hand, the asset shortage under the background of the project will increase bullish, set by the fund is difficult to full warehouse, the idle position may be held about three or four into the bonds, if designed as scheduled to open debt + increase in fixed income products, product categories in income may be more eye-catching. By increasing fixed fixed income performance thickening public information display, boshijijin July 4th issued the first set to open debt + set by raised products – Bo Shihong Ying, second scheduled to open debt + products set by Bo Hong Yu in August 1st issue. In Hong Ying as an example, in the closed period of 18 months, the fund invests in bonds assets ratio of not less than 60% of fund assets, assets invested in stocks accounted for 0~30% of fund assets, including private placement (non-public offering) the stock of assets of stock assets ratio of not less than 60%. Hong Bo Ying to periodically open mode of operation, every 18 months after the closure of open Shen redemption, not only considers the positions set by the project, and the period from the lock, and can cover the full fiscal year, is beneficial to grasp the bond market timing. Hong Ying Bo Chen Pengyang fund manager said that after the establishment of the fund will buy and close period matched bonds, and held to maturity, and strive to improve product yield. Especially in the A-share market is in the environment of low volatility, given the increase in investment advantage is more obvious, if the market is up, hold the fund can be increased by A while the net gain and discount cash gains. Wind data show that in the first quarter of 2016, an increase in the issue price is equivalent to the average stock price discount rate of 18.61%. In his view, set by + fixed, is a better choice for investors to invest in the current point of safety cushion. The existing active set by the fund investment bonds it is understood that in addition to the already issued + set to open debt set by the fund, while the number of fund companies have also said the product design is the design or planning of such products. In fact, not only the public fund intends to do this, some brokerage information management department also saw the market opportunities. A senior fixed income securities investment sources, the company outsourcing scale is not small, but with low interest rates, the product yield could reach some bank capital requirements, especially facing the potential credit risk, if customers need, they will be looking for the opportunity to participate in a given increase, thickening of the product yield. Fixed debt + given the emergence of the product, to some extent, and the emergence of changes in the structure of investors.相关的主题文章:

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