Final Fantasy 15 PS4 version and Xbox one version of how much difference-pigeon blood

"Final Fantasy 15" PS4 version and Xbox One version of how much difference? Squaresoft AI Nicks recently built a new "Final Fantasy 15" demo DEMO "Judgment Disc", launched a closer to launch such a DEMO, obviously want to let those who still hesitate whether or not to buy "Final Fantasy 15" the game player are the final decision. Final fantasy 15 will be officially launched on November 29th, landing PS4 and Xbox One. "Final Fantasy 15" PS4 version and Xbox One version quality comparison in order to make the game player who buy buy buy at ease, "Judgement Disc" DEMO really spent a lot of time, also can let a person feel obvious game on the screen, especially on a clear evolutionary frame. Another problem is that many people are concerned about, PS4 version with the Xbox version of One in the end how much difference? This question can be found in the following screenshot comparison DEMO. Two versions of the screen performance is relatively good, really reached the official version of the quality. The two version of the biggest difference lies in the resolution, if you look at the screen on a large enough to compare these screenshots, PS4 version of the screen is more clear and sharp, Xbox One slightly fuzzy.相关的主题文章:

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