Feng Ke responded to her mother accused of denying the woman cheated when the small three, cheat pro-invictus gaming

Feng Ke responded to Jane Zhang mother accused deny the new network in October in Beijing, when the woman cheated Mistress – Cheat property 9, online yesterday exposed Jane Zhang and Feng Ke will be the news of the wedding, then two people both in micro-blog love, will confirm the wedding. Today, the media exposed Jane Zhang open letter to the mother of Zhang Guiying, the letter clearly opposed to Zhang mother daughter and Feng Ke’s marriage, she said Feng Ke used to make money, cheat daughter daughter when the mistress. In this regard, Feng Ke made a long article in micro-blog for this afternoon, Zhang mother accused to respond one by one, to use my life to cherish the good Jane Zhang and her kindness. Feng Ke said in micro-blog, Zhang and his mother on the wedding and the holding time has been held, but there is no formal invitation to serve in a timely manner. On property, he said that all his property before and after marriage, and Jane Zhang all together, less city times equity change or not, does not affect two people own property ownership, even writing "in the years before the accidental death of wills" clearly stipulates that if the accident after the death of Feng Ke, the name of all heritage are belonging to Jane Zhang. For "Jane Zhang was mistress", he explained, he and his wife separated on 2002, after a divorce settlement, to start their own life, and formal divorce in 2005, and met Liangying on 2003, to all of my friends from the start that separated divorced, so as to avoid the need to explain too much privacy, a Jane Zhang began to say so. He also said that the first English album for Jane Zhang eight years of preparation, set the international first-class music production and distribution team, only the production costs more than $4 million, in the traditional record downturn, the reward is to invest heavily, Jane Zhang’s dream. Finally, he promised, "in my heart, I’m sure I won’t find a better girl than Liangying. So I will use my life to cherish her good, her kindness. I assure you that my love for Liangying has gone through 13 years, and then we will begin the process of marriage, which can stand the test of time." Feng Ke micro-blog reads as follows: in life, I have to call my mother together with Liangying, but in order to facilitate reading, I in the response to Liangying’s mother call. First of all, I would like to apologize to Liangying mother, let her into a storm, the community for the gossip chase effect, will disturb the lives of the elderly. Secondly, I have six points to explain: first, with the mother of the wedding venue and the time to hold the communication has been, but we do not have the official invitation letter. Has also been in contact with her mother on the marriage related matters, Liangying hopes to use time with sincerity to get her mother’s blessing. Yesterday, the media’s first release is purely accidental, originally we want to low-key wedding is the result of the media yesterday was the first exposure. It can be said that all of our friends and family are also learned from the media, in this together with friends and family to apologize. Two, on property issues. I have been in November 25, 2015, after the Beijing HanKun law firm Feng Ke marriage notary, all!相关的主题文章:

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