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Health Owning a portable foot massage device offers a convenient and safe method to bring immediate .fort and relief after a stressful day. Our feet carry our full body weight and are burdened with supporting us throughout our lives. They are often overworked and fatigued and require special attention particularly after many hours of standing, walking or performing daily chores. By utilizing a foot massage device that relaxes muscle tension, the body is rejuvenated and freed from unnecessary stress. With the advanced technology of infrared temperature control built into the foot massage system, the added benefit of heat creates a soothing and effective massage therapy treatment. How Infrared Heat Relieves Stress Physical therapists typically include a heat treatment segment as part of the regiment to relieve muscle tension. Heat is often applied prior to techniques that relax the muscles and allow them to heal. A similar method provides effective results when used on the feet .bined with soothing and gentle massage. The infrared foot massage system applies heat to the soles of the feet providing instant relief from stress and tension. As the heat begins to warm the feet, the muscles relax and are able to absorb the benefits of the massage therapy. Various temperatures may be applied to intensify the treatment and can be .bined with different levels of massage vibration. The effective use of infrared technology in a foot massage system offers an intense treatment that is safe enough to use every day. The Benefits of Regular Foot Massage Therapy Because we rely on our feet to take us throughout the day and evening, caring for them on a regular basis will help eliminate the need for a podiatrists visit or for expensive medical treatments. Problems with the feet are often related to back, hip or leg pain and can lead to chronic conditions if ignored over time. Wearing the proper footwear helps and resting and elevating the feet may help prevent serious injury, but under normal circumstances, using a foot massage system takes care of the problem. The warm temperature and continual oscillating movement of an infrared foot massage system eliminates the normal daily stress on the feet. An infrared foot massage system also increases circulation in the feet and relieves pressure in the lower legs. Using the system on a regular basis alleviates pain and reduces muscle tension. The result is a restored level of energy and a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment that continues throughout the day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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