Exposure Lippi refused to China 75 million European Super Hengda only go back about fat (video)-sweets parade

Exposure Lippi refused to China 75 million European Super Hengda only go back about fat [] first paid football information! Lippi signed 3 year exposure Hengda Tencent September 8th annual salary of 20 million European sports silver fox Lippi came to Guangzhou Hengda coach has been determined the parties in Italy, "Rome sports newspaper", Spain "Aspen" are pointed out in the report, Lippi’s home is the old club hengda. But according to the "Aspen" revealed that in fact in Hengda before Super promoted Hebei Huaxia happiness also gave Lippi an offer, and is 3 years and 75 million in Europe, bringing back Lippi than Hengda cost is high. Lippi refused to back the exposure of Huaxia happiness constant in Italy "Rome sports newspaper" reported today, Hengda and Lippi agreed to a three year, the annual salary of up to 20 million euro contract, all obstacles were swept him back in. Subsequently, the Spanish "Aspen" this news is confirmed, and the "Aspen" in the report also mentioned another team also wanted to re back to Fox super Stadium – this is not bad money Hebei Huaxia happiness. Foreign media screenshot before Pellegrini, Hebei Huaxia happiness had made contact with the Lippi team, and the new super nouveau riche gave Lippi a 3 year 75 million euros (equivalent to 1 years of 25 million euro) treatment. But in the face of Hebei Huaxia happiness invitation, Marcello Lippi refused, because Lippi has promised to Hengda, if he would only return to the super Hengda coach team. After being rejected by Lippi, Hebei China happiness will then be locked in the eyes of the former Real Madrid (data) and Manchester City (data) coach Pellegrini, the final cost of $3 and a Chilean Engineer in the hands of $40 million. But the generous Hebei Huaxia happiness was to let Lippi out of the "Aspen" shocked, said this figure is too crazy. But in the face of the temptation of more money, Lippi chose to return to the embrace of the Hebei Hengda, although the Chinese happiness are given an annual salary of more than 5 million years of European rival Lippi, visible for Hengda very deep feelings. (totem)相关的主题文章:

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