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To abandon the GM exposure thunder knight has revealed less about the future and double Varejao is a good rebounder and both middle distance shooting ability of sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 20th, according to ESPN reports, the Cavaliers inside Varejao before being traded to the Blazers after being cut off. At the same time, there are many teams in the league are interested in Vallejo, including the thunder team. When Vallejo was laid off the Blazers, David Aldridge revealed some of the top teams to get Vallejo. This season, Vallejo, 33, played 31 games on behalf of the Cavaliers, averaging 2.6 points and 2.9 rebounds in 10 minutes. At present, the thunder team inside the rotation lineup of Adams, Chen and Kanter. This year’s trading deadline, the thunder team’s action is not big, they traded for the Nuggets’ dual energy guard Foye. Presti, the general manager of the thunder team, praised Foye’s omnipotence in an interview. Of course, the outside world is most concerned about the thunder in the summer. After all, Kevin – Durant is going to be a free agent, and there are many teams in the league that want him. Presti admits that he and Durant talked about the last summer’s decision. "Obviously, I talked to him (Durant) and Russell (Westbrook), and they were the foundation of the team, and they built the team culture of the thunder," he said. "They’re an important part of us. So, of course I talked to them. I want to know what they think, because without them, we can’t be in the present position." To the outside world about Durant’s future rumors, Presti said: "those rumors are part of the industry.". People are interested in them. It will attract attention. I think you have to understand that this is part of the business." (Rosen)

曝雷霆有意骑士弃将 GM透露已与双少谈过未来 瓦莱乔是一名不错的篮板手并兼具中距离投篮能力   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月20日,据ESPN报道,前骑士队内线瓦莱乔在被交易到开拓者队之后就被裁掉。与此同时,联盟里有多支球队都对瓦莱乔很感兴趣,其中包括雷霆队。   当瓦莱乔被开拓者队裁掉之后,官网记者大卫-阿尔德里奇就透露有一些争冠球队有意得到瓦莱乔。   本赛季,33岁的瓦莱乔代表骑士打了31场比赛,场均10分钟内得到2.6分和2.9个篮板。目前雷霆队的内线轮换阵容里有亚当斯、伊巴卡和坎特。   今年的交易截止日,雷霆队的动作不大,他们换来了掘金队的双能卫弗耶。雷霆队总经理普雷斯蒂在接受采访时称赞了弗耶的全能。   当然,外界最关心的是雷霆在今夏的动作。毕竟,凯文-杜兰特将成为自由球员,而且联盟里有许多球队都想得到他。   普雷斯蒂承认,他和杜兰特谈论过后者在今夏的决定。   “很显然,我和他(杜兰特)以及拉塞尔(威斯布鲁克)都谈过,他们是这支球队的基石,并且打造出雷霆的球队文化,”他说道,“他们是我们的重要部分。所以我当然找他们谈过。我希望了解他们的想法,因为如果没有他们,我们不可能处于现在这个位置。”   对于外界关于杜兰特未来去向的流言,普雷斯蒂表示:“那些流言是这个行业的一部分。人们对它们很有兴趣。它会引起关注。我认为你必须清楚这是生意的一部分。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章:

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