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Experts say how to do | end the parents take "love in" children? Sohu – maternal child will speak after quite concerned about their "voice", always whining chattered, also let everyone listen to him. This is not the end, the most terrible thing is when you talk to others, the child may have been interrupted by interrupting you, this behavior is really annoying! Typical case: Jingjing performance desire is very strong, often at home when the adults are talking will interrupt, let all people listen to her; when the guests will come in to chatter without stop "Mom, I want to drink; my mother I wanted to · · · · · ·" the kindergarten class love interruption, caused resentment of the teacher. Love a child is not too self, don’t listen? Psychological analysis: in children is not necessarily a bad thing, her love to express their views, is a normal thing. 3-6 years old preschool children thinking self centered, this is a normal psychological phenomenon of psychological development of children in the process, and the adult eye there is a great difference between selfish, selfish is a conscious behavior, while the former is unconscious. In addition to thinking of the "self center" to take into account other people, a child may also have several reasons: 1, children on the part of speech of the curious, eager to solve the hearts of the doubt". 2, the content of the conversation, the children have heard or a little, have a "resonance", excited, eager to express themselves, about their views "". 3, the children play alone or try to do something alone encountered difficulties, eager to get help, may interrupt the conversation in spite of the occasion. The child will be curious for help and behave in budding self-awareness or cause the child, want more self performance, but the development of self – control ability is not very good, so can not wait for others to express after comment. Expert weapon: the parents of the children this behavior is not laissez faire, but also pay attention to treatment. 1, when the children talk to adults to ask questions, or when they encounter difficulties for help, do not be angry at the time and in front of someone else’s face reprimand the child, otherwise it hurt the child’s curiosity and self-esteem. Parents can talk with the child that, after the end of the answer, can praise him a "love your brains", so that the child will accept the parents do not respond to temporary easily. But be sure to keep your word and teach your child not to interrupt when others are talking. 2, if the adults are talking about content make children resonate, children eager to express their opinions, parents may wish to give children a chance to check with you, to talk to each other’s opinions, and then let the children involved. However, after the conversation should be gently pointed out that the child is not just butt in. This is not only to let the children!相关的主题文章:

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