Eleven the sales of key retail and catering industry in Heilongjiang province 8 billion 100 million-yuria

Eleven, the sales volume of Heilongjiang’s key retail and catering industry is 8 billion 100 million "eleven" during the golden week. The consumer goods market in Heilongjiang is running smoothly. The holiday market is rich in commodities, abundant in goods and stable in price. Traditional consumption upgrading and upgrading, new consumer booming, mass consumption, information consumption, green consumption, tourism and leisure, entertainment and entertainment become the highlight of holiday consumption. 7, reporters learned from the provincial commerce department that the sales volume of the key monitoring retail and catering businesses in the province was 8 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 10.6% over the 2015 national holiday period. Popular catering has become the leading role, and the food and beverage market has increased significantly. During the national day, the festival effect of the whole province’s catering market is obvious. Wedding banquet, leisure party and tourist fast food have become the mainstream of the eleven golden week of this year. The 22 catering enterprises in the province’s key monitoring systems achieved more than 7 million 767 thousand and 900 yuan in turnover, up 11.7% over the same period. Tourism and wedding to stimulate the festival consumption market, increasing the holiday highlights. Hiking, self driving travel and other consumption patterns are favored, and tourism is growing rapidly. Many people choose to have a wedding in National Day during the wedding banquet hotel has become the biggest selling point, many large catering enterprises before the wedding table has been full of the holiday food consumption has played a positive role in promoting. (reporter Qu Jing)

十一黑龙江省重点零售和餐饮业销售收入81亿   “十一”黄金周期间,黑龙江省消费品市场总体运行平稳,各地节日市场商品丰富、货源充足、价格稳定。传统消费提质升级,新兴消费蓬勃发展,大众消费、信息消费、绿色消费、旅游休闲、文体娱乐等成为节日消费亮点。记者7日从省商务厅了解到,全省重点监测零售和餐饮企业销售额实现81.0亿元,比2015年国庆节假日期间增长10.6%。   大众化餐饮成为主角,餐饮市场增长明显。国庆期间,全省餐饮市场节日效应明显,喜庆婚宴、休闲聚会和旅游快餐成为今年十一黄金周的餐饮消费主流。全省重点监测的22家餐饮企业实现营业额776.79万元以上,同比增长11.7%。   旅游和婚庆拉动节日消费市场,增加了节日亮点。徒步、自驾游等消费方式备受青睐,旅游业增长迅猛。很多新人选择在国庆节期间举行婚礼,婚庆喜宴成为各大酒店最大的卖点,节前许多大型餐饮企业婚宴订桌就已爆满,对全省节日期间餐饮消费起到了积极的推动作用。(记者曲静)相关的主题文章:

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