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Eat these foods also destroy the liver injury of brain cancer with tempting color Braised pork in brown sauce sweet cream cake…… High fat food is always people love, can not resist. As everyone knows, enjoy the delicious price is very great. Slow brain. The study found that saturated fat free acid in high fat diet will lead to the number of protein in the blood brain barrier in the fall, the body and the brain cortex hippocampus lack of glucose, the emergence of inattention, slow reaction problem. Interfering metabolism. Researchers at the University of California at Irvine found that a high-fat diet can affect the body’s internal clock, the molecular mechanisms that induce metabolic disorders, leading to diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases. Cause liver disease. Scientists in Germany Helmholtz Munich Center found that lipid high fat foods can activate immune cells, and migrate to the liver cells and liver tissues, causing a series of liver diseases, such as fatty liver disease is due to excessive intake of fat, sugar, and lack of exercise results. Cause inflammation. University of Minnesota research group found that high-fat foods is one of the key factors inducing inflammation. Obesity caused by a high-fat diet, usually associated with a range of inflammatory diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and so on. Sad blood vessel. Blood is the source of life, many diseases are closely related to blood. Long term eating high fat food, easy to cause the blood viscosity, high blood lipids, vascular wall induced atherosclerotic plaque and thrombus, resulting in the narrowing of the lumen, thin, slow blood flow, body organs hypoxia ischemia. The prevalence and mortality of coronary heart disease were significantly higher if the energy supply per day of dietary fat was more than 30% of the total energy. Saturated fatty acid intake was positively associated with coronary heart disease morbidity and mortality. Induced cancer. High fat, high calorie diet to breast cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal carcinoma have a chance. Researchers at the Michigan State University breast cancer and environmental research program found that eating a high-fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer and accelerates the onset of puberty in girls. Other studies have found that high fat diet can disrupt the intestinal flora, which leads to colon cancer. Then, high fat diet on everywhere, how can we with blows? First of all, when the meat and poultry preferred fish of meat again; every day to ensure that the 2~3 two of total calories to eat meat, ham, sausage and other meat products. Secondly, to ferret out the invisible fat. The most easily overlooked is the internal organs of animals, such as liver, stomach, intestines, etc.. In order to avoid excessive intake of cholesterol, fat, be sure to control the intake of animal offal. Delicious seafood, high cholesterol content of squid, eel, shrimp, crab, sardines, clams and cholesterol concentration in the head and the yolk, edible when the two parts should be removed. Again, cooking methods are very important. Eat iron grilled squid and other food, daily cooking steamed or boiled less oil, less salt. Eat out less, survey, some restaurants are very oily vegetable dish was amazing, a dish of lettuce (birth weight 500 grams to 50 grams of oil on average).相关的主题文章:

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