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Milk to drink these taboos to avoid [Abstract] soybean milk is our traditional Chinese food, loved by many people. The baby drinks milk to be able to enhance the resistance, but when the baby drinks the soybean milk to have what taboo? Let’s have a look! The 4 characteristics of soybean milk: the milk is suitable for obese children instead of milk consumption of soy milk for obese children than drinking milk is more beneficial to health because the soybean blood glucose index is 15% while the milk is 30%. 2. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5. 2. However, if the baby is the growth and development period, the demand for fat is still very large, do not recommend the use of soy milk instead of milk to the baby to drink, the best milk, soy milk drink. 2 Soybean Milk for lactose allergy baby milk lactose, 70% of people do not absorb lactose in Asian yellow, and Soybean Milk containing oligosaccharides, it is absorbed by the human body 100%. 3 Soybean Milk can strengthen babysresistance Soybean Milk rich in unsaturated fatty acids, soybean saponin, lecithin and other dozens of substances beneficial to humans, these substances can enhance the immunity of the baby’s function, in addition, Soybean Milk also contains 5 kinds of anti-cancer substances. 4 soybean milk can not completely replace the milk protein and milk protein quality is equal to 5 times the amount of iron is the milk, while the fat is less than the milk of calcium, calcium is only about 20% of the milk, about 25% of the quality of the milk of about 30%. So it is not appropriate to use it instead of milk to feed the baby. Nine taboo baby drinking Soybean Milk must avoid 1, avoid not thoroughly boiled because Soybean Milk contains saponin, trypsin inhibitor and other harmful substances, not cooked on the drinking, will be nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning. Soybean Milk not only must boil, boil in Soybean Milk and must also be to open the lid, this is because we can only open the lid to the harmful substances in Soybean Milk evaporate with the steam. [Abstract] soybean milk is a traditional food of our Chinese people, which is loved by many people. The baby drinks milk to be able to enhance the resistance, but when the baby drinks the soybean milk to have what taboo? Let’s have a look! 2, avoid into the egg because the egg in the sticky protein (Ji Danqing) will be combined with soybean milk trypsin, produce not easily absorbed by the human body material, so that eggs and soybean milk are lost original nutritional value. 3, fasting drink soy milk is best not to let the baby drink milk, soy milk protein in the human body will be converted into heat and was digested, nutrients can not be fully absorbed by the baby. 4, avoid brown sugar brown sugar in organic acids, such as acetic acid, lactic acid, which can combine with Soybean Milk in protein and calcium, resulting in degeneration of structures and calcium acetate, calcium lactate and other block, which not only detrimental to the nutritional value Soybean Milk, but also affect the absorption of nutrients contained in the Soybean Milk. 5, avoid the use of thermos bottle storage of soybean milk in the thermos bottle, will make the bacteria in the bottle under the conditions of the temperature of a large number of breeding, 3~4 hours later, will make the milk. 6, avoid drinking and drugs with some drugs such as erythromycin and other antibiotics will destroy the nutritional ingredients in soy milk, and even produce side effects, harmful to health. 7, Soybean Milk partial nature of the cold, indigestion, belch gas and renal function is not good, the best drink Soybean Milk due to Soybean Milk is made from soybeans.相关的主题文章:

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