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Don’t be afraid to shake the number? Ford will put forward a carpool service, do you dare? – Sohu automotive Ford recently announced plans to produce in 2021 SAE four fully automatic driving vehicles, to provide common or shared services. Ford has reached an investment or cooperation agreement with the four new companies, in order to accelerate the development of automatic driving vehicle, while expanding the valley team and Palo Alto plant times. Four: investment and cooperation, double development team and the scale of the park in the valley of automated vehicles, Ford president and CEO Mark Fields of Ford smart mobile solutions (Ford Smart Mobility), is expected to launch automated vehicles in 2021, at the same time also expect to become a market leader in mobile communications, and wisdom the consumer experience, big data analysis and other categories. Mark Fields: the next 10 years will be dominated by the automatic driving vehicle market, the impact of the driving vehicle on society, will be no less than a century ago, Ford invented the production line. Our research and development of self driving vehicles will help to secure the road to overcome social and environmental challenges for the general public. Ford based on more than and 10 years of experience in research and development of automatic driving vehicles, will be available in 2021 to meet the SAE class four standards, to provide common or shared services. Ford want to build automated vehicles leading brand in 10 years of experience in research and development of vehicle automated driving based on Ford will provide the SAE four standard in 2021, there is no steering wheel, the brake pedal throttle or self driving cars, and put into mass production for commercial transport services, such as vehicle ride and common demand. The simulation of Ford enter the University of Michigan will vehicle Mcity test environment, the first public demonstration of vehicle automated driving in the snow, also in the LiDAR optical radar technology development process, the first test of vehicle automated driving in the dark. In this regard, Ford global product development executive vice president and chief technology officer Raj Nair said Ford automatic driving test team this year will be expanded to 3 times, the highest number in the industry of the crown, let the number of nearly 30 vehicles autopilot Fusion Hybrid in California, Arizona and Michigan on the road, the car is expected to be 3 growth team next year times. Raj Nair: Ford has the development and testing of vehicle automated driving more than ten years of experience, they need to be able to integrate high-quality vehicle software, sensing technology and precision engineering, so it has a strategic advantage, to create millions of vehicle automated driving. In order to launch a car sharing in 2021, Ford issued four important investment and cooperation, expand in the advanced algorithm, 3D map, LiDAR optical radar and radar photography technology, sensor solid research foundation: in California, Arizona and Michigan automatic driving test fleet of Ford, fleet size this year expand 3 times. Increase manpower, expand the plant size of Ford also expand the Silicon Valley scale of operation, set up the exclusive factory in Palo alto. After the expansion of the existing research and the creation of N相关的主题文章:

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