Dong Mingzhu self willed behind there is no plan Media public relations

Dong Mingzhu self willed behind there is no plan? Media: there is a public relations team – Dong Mingzhu said that he would go out on the outside to meet with her photo, the reality of her people and no resentment. "Everyone has a lot of moment, you capture the moment may not be the most beautiful, you have a lot of ‘trick’, but I feel that others respect for me." Dong Mingzhu is really worthy of the net red, her every move can become the headlines. Just because of the interim shareholders’ meeting on the part of the self willed and once again become the headlines, the day before yesterday, Dong Mingzhu walked into a commercial site with the Internet users face to face. She reminded users, although what questions, his answer is. And next week, Dong Mingzhu will attend a high-end Economic Forum, Dong Mingzhu’s head was printed on the advertising. A lot of media to counter this ad to the organizing committee call, "we are able to attend general interview?" Browse the network, for the evaluation of Dong Mingzhu’s network, significantly more negative than positive, but it should be noted that: the negative is mostly ridicule, and positive is really a fan. The circle of "willful" out of air conditioning industry attracted criticism in fact Dong Mingzhu suffered a netizen criticism on the Internet before, she was already in the industry have been more questions, but not known to the outside world. Which she faced criticism is the biggest pressure determined to lead GREE out of the circle of a single air conditioner, what is right or wrong. GREE founder, Dong Mingzhu’s predecessor, Zhu Jianghong, has been stressed that GREE’s professional development model. Although that time GREE has done the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturing enterprises, but Zhu Jianghong insisted that the air conditioning industry to continue to do deep penetration, and has been proud of the professional manufacturing of air conditioning. But a few years ago, Dong Mingzhu Zhu Jianghong retired after the succession, she began to expand the horizontal development of GREE, has entered a number of new industries and created a number of new brands. Dong Mingzhu is the first investment in the refrigerator industry, she explained that the refrigerator and air conditioning are the core technology of the compressor industry, GREE should play their own strengths in the compressor industry expansion". GREE refrigerator products using the "crystal Wang" brand. Although the crystal Hong refrigerator in the brand influence and sales are not with Haier veteran giants par, but in some circles do also have a good reputation. Since then, Dong Mingzhu and vigorously develop GREE’s small household electrical appliance industry, including air purifiers and smart rice cooker has been involved in two hot areas. She set for small household electrical appliances brand called "big", but also their own endorsement. Because both belong to the household electrical appliances, refrigerators and small appliances big crystal Wang also borrowed GREE air-conditioning sales channels in GREE all over the country tens of thousands of stores can see. Channel cost greatly reduced, sales can also be. It should be said that the two industry expansion Dong Mingzhu is not failure, but because before Zhu Jianghong was high in the air conditioning industry influence, Dong Mingzhu changes in the industry caused a lot of criticism. Especially in the past two years, GREE’s performance growth has declined significantly, it is better相关的主题文章:

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