Domestic oil price adjustment window is expected to open up 5 yuan to open tonight hyuna

The domestic oil price adjustment window opens tonight is expected to return to 5 Yuan era of the original title: domestic oil price adjustment window tonight open oil prices is expected to return to 5 times after each reporter Zhou Chengcheng recently, international oil prices are still sluggish trend. This frozen production agreement no substantive progress, U.S. stocks rose, oil production innovation and other factors. At the same time, another reason for concern is that after the U.S. presidential election, Trump’s oil policy makes the market worried about excess supply. Based on this, a number of research institutions believe that, at 24 on November 16th, when the current round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window opens, the price of refined oil will be lowered. Www oil analyst Xu Na told the "daily economic news" reporter said, since the valuation cycle, the international oil price shocks showed decline trend, affected by the change rate of continued low volatility, the expected decline in performance is strong. Is expected in November 16th 24, the domestic oil prices during the year the biggest decline will shock struck, which is the biggest decline since the price adjustment in January 26, 2015. It is reported that this year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices have gone down four times, the seven increase, the four stranded, the international oil price is lower than the price of $40 a barrel for the floor price and not adjusted. So far, during the year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices rose 670 yuan per ton and $645. Trump wins cited crude oil price volatility in recent international crude oil prices continued to fall. As of November 14th closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange in December delivery of light crude oil futures prices fell $0.09 to close at $43.32 a barrel, down by 0.21%. Brent crude oil futures for January 2017 delivery fell $0.32 to settle at $44.43 a barrel, down from $0.72%. Trump’s recent election led to substantial volatility in commodities. JOYOU Information Analyst Zhang Jin told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Trump advocated for the oil and gas industry deregulation, support in all oil and gas resources of local development, and by increasing domestic production to prevent OPEC continue to issue orders left and right in the oil and gas sector, if the future of the U.S. crude oil production continued to increase, it will make itself the need for more than the the crude oil market one disaster after another. In the view of Zhang Jin, Trump the tendency of a strong dollar and enhance U.S. crude oil production policy, the factors of crude oil fundamentals are bearish recently increased, inflation is expected to strengthen the dollar bond yields rise of the dollar index rose above 100, the international crude oil exploration to the lowest level since September, the Bulls hope that frozen in November 30th OPEC production meeting. However, the recent increase in OPEC oil production makes some agencies to freeze the production agreement can be reached skeptical. International Energy Agency in November 10th released a monthly report on the oil market (hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that in October OPEC crude oil production for fifth consecutive months of growth. Nigeria and Libya production rebounded, Iraq’s crude oil output reached a record high of 4 million 590 thousand barrels a day, OPEC crude oil production in October reached a record high, is expected in November production will remain at a high level. Peng相关的主题文章:

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