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Pets 1)When do I take a dog or puppy out to eliminate? When you are potty training, you must take a dog or puppy out to relieve themselves within a short period of time after feeding them, after they wake up from sleeping overnight or napping, after being confined for a long period of time. You have to be consistent, so they know what to expect. When you take them out, let them know verbally that theyre going to Potty. Its critical that you praise your dog or puppy each time they eliminate in the appropriate area outside. Praise, praise, praise! 2)How often do I take them out to eliminate? You must slowly establish a routine that will help a dog or puppy establish control of their bladders and bowels. Begin with 15 minute periods in the home, then take them outside to their potty area. Then slowly increase the time to 30, 60, 120 minutes, until you work up the routine to four hours. Strongly re.mend that you dont force any dog or puppy to stay confined inside more than four hours at a time. Its not healthy for a dog to stay confined inside for long periods of time. Sadly, some pet owners think you can leave a dog or puppy confined inside up for 8 to 10 hours at a time without taking the dog or puppy out to eliminate. If you do, accidents will happen. 3)How do I deal with accidents that happen inside? First of all, accidents are going to happen. If it does, you must clean up and deodorize the area of the accident. If you dont, the dog or puppy will eliminate in the area again. 4)How do I prevent accidents from happening? a)Establish a routine. Timing is everything. b)Dont feed them and then leave the dog or puppy confined inside. c)Dont serve them cheap dog food or feed them greasy food and not expect to have problems. d)If a dog or puppy whimpers or seem to be unsettled, take them out to be sure that they dont need to take care of business. Its an absolute pleasure and joy to have a dog or puppy. Take care of them lovingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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