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Don’t let the sales of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to become the head of the "inhibition" of science and technology – Sohu today’s domestic mobile phone market seems to be filled with a variety of sales ranking, with annual sales ranking, ranking quarter sales, monthly sales ranking, and even the electricity supplier Festival sales ranking is also frequent pattern, giving the impression that sales seems to have become the only criterion for a mobile phone manufacturers in the end how. Sales ranking changes has become the domestic mobile phone manufacturers the most sensitive nerve, a matter of life and death, the most typical example is HUAWEI and millet shortly before the first battle, the two different statistical agencies, two different to the first, at first, after falling. The result will be disastrous, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to win in sales has paid a heavy price, long price war, brought the sustained losses, coupled with the statistical agency business consulting some mobile phone manufacturers do bureau and blind, sales almost become the domestic mobile phone manufacturers head the inhibition". Why does everyone love to take "sales" that first, exactly the same phenomenon with panic buying and the earliest Internet mobile phone sales said, is the national character. In most people’s eyes, sales of mobile phones must be the best product, otherwise there will not be so many people to buy. As we eat meals, guests often choose to shop, and that the guests must be food service good mouth. This is the most typical consumer stampede in illusion, people are not necessarily the best. Although sales can be seen some problems, but it does not mean all, if blindly follow the sales ranking consumption, often into another misunderstanding. Secondly, in the eyes of many mobile phone manufacturers, sales is the best story for the capital market, and it tends to "scale", "order" and "valuation" linked, why many mobile phone manufacturers do not hesitate to lose money selling machine and earn? The reason is this. They do not care about their products have what kind of experience for the user, after the price is the value of the products to enter the market to set off what "waves", the valuation will open? Capital market will lead to a new round of its chase? On the other hand, some mobile phone manufacturers to launch cost-effective war is to maximize the market, in fact, hidden behind the capital market hysteria to please. Finally, sales ranking is a lot of business consulting and statistical agencies of the "big business", many sales data released behind they figure, they make all kinds of sales has become the main means of many mobile phone manufacturers ranking brand endorsement, the mobile phone industry breed unhealthy marketing pattern. In some commercial sales ranking data, these institutions do bureau face has been fully exposed, even in the rankings more contemptible resort to deceit. Jump out the sales cycle, OPPO type mobile phone industry recently successfully is to talk about the most is OPPO long, imperceptibly to rise to the top spot in the domestic mobile phone brands, a lot of people will be success in the OPPO stick to the line channels. This is not bad, but only half right. Offline channel is not a OPPO in the early Chinese cool joint research相关的主题文章:

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